While the power steering unit has greatly enhanced driving comfort for the Nano, the automatic gearbox make sthe Tata Nano a real joy to drive in tight urban confines.... More

While the power steering unit has greatly enhanced driving comfort for the Nano, the automatic gearbox make sthe Tata Nano a real joy to drive in tight urban confines.

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Tata Nano Price

Petrol Variants

Tata Nano Specifications

Dimension & Weights

Overall Length 3164 mm
Overall Width 1750 mm
Overall Height 1652 mm
Ground Clearance 180 mm


Torque 51 Nm @ 4000 ± 500 rpm
Displacement 624 cc
Power 37
No of Cylinders 2

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Tata Nano Features

Power Steering
Power Windows Front Only Front Only
Audio System
Alloy Wheels

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Tata Nano Colors

  • Meteor Silver
  • Damson Purple
  • Dazzle Blue
  • Persian Rose
  • Royal Gold
  • Sangria Red
  • Pearl White
  • Persian Rose

Expert Test Review

Tata Nano front door

UPDATED: Read detailed roadtest of the Nano GenX(click to read)

The Tata Nano is the car that put its maker on the world map as a car manufacturer. When it was launched first in the year 2008, it created a lot of buzz because of its ‘most-affordable car’ tag. The launch of Nano resulted making Tata Motors instantly recognized whereas the Nano became a hugely famous car among Indians. As famous as it might have been back in the day though, the sales for the Nano never really took off as predicted initially. Since its introduction, the Nano has been given mild refreshments to improve its appeal. .... read more

And with the current model, Tata has done a commendable job of resurrecting the Nano for the Indian masses. This model has been vastly improved and most of the changes have been made keeping in mind the target audiences’ requirements while customer feedback has also been taken into account. The enhancements come in shape of new aesthetics while the major highlight of the car is the introduction of an optional AMT (automated manual transmission) and an openable boot.

The powertrain on the Nano is unchanged, meaning it comes powered by the same 624cc twin-cylinder petrol motor as before. In the new model, Tata Motors has worked greatly on the engine response and driveability part and even sacrificed fuel economy for that matter. But, while it sips a little more fuel than before, it is now also fitted with a larger fuel tank – 24 litres as opposed to 15 litres on the earlier models.

The major change in the new model is the addition of an automated gearbox . The AMT in the Nano is optional and is a 5-speed version with a creep function. The creep function in automatic gearboxes allows a vehicle to slowly gain pace as soon as the driver lifts the foot off the brake pedal. This is of great convenience while encountering bumper to bumper traffic, which is something that is very common in metro cities.

The Nano AMT has three selectable driving modes, namely- A, M and S. In
A or automatic mode, the transmission upshifts depending on the throttle inputs. In M or manual mode, the driver can shift gears themself by moving the gear lever back and forth for downshifts and upshifts. In case, the driver does not upshift, the gearbox will eventually upshift once the engine hits the redline. The third and final S or the Sports mode allows the the transmission to hold on to a gear till higher rpm than normal.

The AMT equipped Tata Nano makes up for an able city runabout. The transmission is not that quick or peppy to use as a conventional automatic, but it does the job quite effortlessly in the Nano. And given the convenience it offers for its price, it’s a great overall package.

The ride quality on the new model is also improved and it eats up potholes and bad roads in a sublime manner. The ride does get bumpy at high speeds over bad stretches, but even then it remains planted and sure-footed unlike some of the cars in its segment. The power steering is light and works brilliantly too. At speeds of over 80-90km/h, the Nano gets affected by the crosswinds, but it does not get scary anytime. That said, braking is one area where the Nano still needs to be improved in. While the stopping distance can be termed as satisfactory, there’s not much bite from the brakes and under heavy braking or emergency stops the vehicle tends to swerve out of the desired trajectory. There’s no ABS on offer even now!

.... read less


Tata Nano pedals

On the inside, the interior of the new model has been revamped as well. The large windows add to the airy feel, while you sit upright and there’s ample of leg / knee space. There’s a new steering wheel like found on the Bolt and Zest twins, but in the Nano it comes without controls for the audio system. The Nano is decently equipped with features like keyless entry, a 4-speaker audio system that supports Bluetooth telephony, a comprehensive driver information display that has two trip meters, etc.

In the AMT equipped versions, there’s a new AMT console which eats up a lot of space. That said, there’s still enough space to keep your knick-knacks.

What we like
Extremely spacious cabin, large seats, plenty of legroom and head room, now has a boot
What we don't like
AMT does not get front cupholders, seats need to be more supportive, fit and finish needs to be improved
  • Tata Nano Boot Space
  • Tata Nano Boot Space
  • Tata Nano openable tailgate
  • Tata Nano boot

Interiors Details

Boot space

The manual model offers 110 litres of boot space while the automatic offers 94 litres


The Tata Nano has a clear to read speedometer dial

Gear lever

The Tata Nano has a stubby gear lever

Cup holders

The Tata Nano has front cup holders


The Tata Nano has two gloveboxes

Audio system

The Tata Nano top-end variants get a Bluetooth compatible stereo

Air Conditioner

The Tata Nano comes with manual air conditioning

Arm rests

The Tata Nano does not have arm rests

Air vents

The Tata Nano has round air vents


The Tata Nano has large seats, although their flat contour does not offer adequate support

Leg room

The Tata Nano offers plenty of front and rear leg room

Knee room

The Tata Nano offers plenty of front and rear knee room

Shoulder space

The Tata Nano offers ample shoulder space

Head room

The Tata Nano offers generous amounts of head room

Steering wheel

The Tata Nano has a dual tone steering wheel

Power windows

The Tata Nano offers front power windows in top-end variants

Keyless entry

The Tata Nano offers keyless entry

Driver information display

The Tata Nano offers a driver information display for a host of vehicle information



Tata Nano front door

On the outside, the Tata Nano comes with smoked headlamps, new bumper with a ‘smiley’ grille and a black bezel between the lamps two headlamps. Side profile is largely unchanged from the outgoing car, but there are no alloy wheels on offer as of now in the new model. At the back, the bumper is redesigned and houses a similar grille as on the front. The Nano also gets a revised rear design, thanks to the addition of an usable tail-gate. Lifting the tailgate gives access to the boot – 110litres in manual and 94 litres for the AMT equipped versions.

What we like
Well profiled, looks appealing
What we don't like
Small 12 inch wheels are dwarfed by the tall profile of the car
  • Tata Nano Logo
  • Tata Nano Rear View
  • Tata Nano Rear View
  • Tata Nano 3/4th side view

Exteriors Details

Front design

The Tata Nano has a stubby front end design

Rear design

The Tata Nano has a tall rear profile

Side profile

The Tata Nano has a cute side profile, although its tiny wheels look dwarfed by its tall height

Ground Clearance

The Tata Nano has a ground clearance of 180mm


The Tata Nano has large bumpers

Head lamps

The Tata Nano has large headlamps

Tail lamps

The Tata Nano has tall tail lamps

Fog lamps

Top-end versions of the Nano get fog lamps


The Tata Nano has small tyres

Alloy wheels

The Tata Nano does not get alloy wheels

Outside mirrors

The Tata Nano gets body coloured ORVMs


The Tata Nano is available in a wide range of colours to choose from

Rear wiper

The Tata Nano does not have a rear wiper

Roof rails

The Tata Nano does not get roof rails

Sun roof

The Tata Nano does not have a sun roof


The Tata Nano does not have a rear spoiler

Side Steps

The Tata Nano does not have side steps

Spare wheel

The Tata Nano has a full sized spare wheel



The Tata Nano comes powered by a 624cc petrol engine that delivers decent amount of grunt in a car of that size. In the manual version, the engine feels peppy and sprightly whereas with the AMT, it can be best described as relaxed. Even then, the engine offers adequate performance for daily running in a city, while it’s also light on the pocket.

The engine is refined and the NVH levels are well contained. The broad power-band offers excellent drivability in the city. At higher speeds/rpms it does tend to run out of breath though.

What we like
Good real world driveability
What we don't like
Engine runs out of steam at higher rev

Engine & Performance Details


The Tata Nano offers linear acceleration

Top speed

The Tata Nano has a top speed of around 105 kmh

In-gear acceleration

The Tata Nano has reasonable in-gear acceleration


The Tata Nano has a four-speed gearbox for the manual model and a five-speed unit in the automatic versions


The Tata Nano's 624cc engine develops 38 PS of max power @ 5500 250 rpm


The Tata Nano's engine develops 51 Nm of peak torque @ 4000 500 rpm

NVH levels

NVH levels in the Tata Nano are on the higher side be improved



Petrol Mileage 23.6 kmpl

The manual Tata Nano has an ARAI rated efficiency of 23.6km/l while the automaticmodel returns 21.9 km/l

Mileage View full detail

Petrol Variants
Tata Nano XE 23.6 kmpl
Tata Nano XM 23.6 kmpl
Tata Nano XT 23.6 kmpl
Tata Nano XMA 21.9 kmpl
Tata Nano XTA 21.9 kmpl

Petrol Mileage

The automatic Tata Nano has an ARAI rated efficiency of 21.9 kml while the manual model&39;s efficiency 23.6 kml. 

Mileage Details

City fuel economy

The Tata Nano offers an urban economy of 17 kml for the manual model and 15 kml for the automatic model

Highway fuel economy

The Tata Nano offers a highway economy of 22 kml for the manual model and 18.6 kml for the automatic version

ARAI rated economy

The Tata Nano has an ARAI rated fuel efficiency figure of 23.6 kml for the manual model while the automatic model has a rated efficiency figure of 21.9 kml

Tank Range

With its 24 litre tank, the Nano has a range of 566 km for the manual model and 525 km for the automatic model


On handling front, the new Tata Nano does not feel much different than the outgoing version. The power steering is light and features an ‘active return’ system that makes steering the vehicle effortless at low speeds, Around corners, the Nano does roll a fair bit, thanks to the combination of its ride-height and short-wheelbase.

The ride quality is satisfactory on the Nano in comparison to its rivals. It’s not overly soft or stiff, and does the job of gobbling potholes and bumps in a confident manner. At slightly higher speeds, the ride may get too bumpy for the liking of the occupants, but it is not uncomfortable or bone-breaking stiff.

On open stretches, the Nano can cruise comfortably at speeds of 80-90km/h. Braking, however, continues to be its weakest link as the vehicle swerves under hard braking which is a cause of great concern.

The Nano is aimed to be a city car and that’s where its strength lies! Around town, the Nano is easy to maneuver and effortless to drive, especially the AMT version.

In the new model, Tata Motors has stiffened the frame and chassis of the Nano. The frontal crash crumple zone/area has been increased in length, while side impact beams have been incorporated on all the doors. The changes result in an overall increase in torsional stiffness and rigidity, showing Tata Motors’ effort to enhance occupant safety in the car. Basic safety features like ABS and airbags have been given a miss though!

What we like
Handles decently for a city car, passive safety features have been incorporated
What we don't like
Plenty of body roll at higher speeds, unconfident line under hard braking, no ABS

Handling Braking & Safety Details


The Tata Nano generates a lot of body roll around corners

Braking performance

The Tata Nano's brakes can be improved

Safety features

The Tata Nano offers no active safety features


The Tata Nano does not have anti-lock braking system

Traction control

The Tata Nano does not have traction control


Tata Nano suspension

Ride comfort is good for its segment and potholes and minor undulations are dismissed with ease. As the speeds rise, the ride gets bumpier

What we like
Comfortable ride
What we don't like
Bumpy high speed ride over uneven road surface

Comfort & Suspension Details


The Tata Nano has a comfortable ride

Front suspension

The Tata Nano;s front suspension consists of Independent, Lower Wishbone, McPherson Strut with gas filled dampers and anti-roll bar

Rear suspension

The Tata Nano's front suspension consists of Independent, Semi Trailing arm with coil spring & gas filled shock absorbers

Tata Nano Videos

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Hats off to Mr. Ratan Tata
Posted on 3 Sep 09 at 10:21 am

Pros Turning Radius, Exteriors, Seating Comfort, HVAC, Inner Space

Cons lack of boot space

I am driving my TATA NANO LX in Delhi. This car is amazing at this price point. its smiley face and soft eyes in the front are very cool. Hats off to Mr. Ratan Tata for his efforts to make such a wonderful car for a Aam Aadmi. It is very spacious from inside. Even five people can sit comfortably.I like the turning radius the most. In cities like Delhi this car is very comfortable to ride in traffic.Its HVAC is very effective, As the car is new,No problem with AC wid or widout load and on flyovers. the pickup is also good. On a new car I go to 70kmh only and the stability was more than expected.The major drawback for this car is its storage space. The engine is little bit noisy but in cabin there is no sound.

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
62 of 71 users found this review helpful.

new version of AUTORICKSHAW
Posted on 2 Apr 09 at 7:36 am

Pros great outer look for new style AUTORICKSHAW

Cons tyre size are very small,AUTORICKSHAW interior

those who makes jokes of tata nano as AUTORICKSHAW should remember that how difficult it is to buy a four wheeler this car is made for common man who can hardly afford second hand maruti 800 high expectation of car was there because of its price but 150000 is not a small price for common man plus the maintainance cost people who drive other cars will find this car very funky unsafe slow but would like to see this car to take place of AUTORICKSHAW because of its great looks ,indian roads are such pathetic condition that the size of tyres looks very small for speed which they claim it can travel at100kmhr, within next 2-3 years this car will take place of AUTORICKSHAW market plus other old junky fiat taxis which are running throught the country and making mess of traffic

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
10 of 15 users found this review helpful.

Posted on 30 Mar 09 at 12:55 am

Pros Good looks,good mileage like maruti800

Cons ugly interiors, not having pwer windows.

This car is like a auto-rickshaw.The price of top model is near to 2,00,000.

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
5 of 9 users found this review helpful.

The Next Generation autorickshaw
Posted on 1 Sep 08 at 3:07 am

Pros zero

Cons kschra inside

this is going tobe thenext generation auto rickshaw with 4 wheels on it... well auto rickshaws have engine at the rear ends. race it beyond 60 kmpl the doors will come outof the slot...

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
6 of 43 users found this review helpful.

sad ...nano
Posted on 28 Jun 10 at 10:16 pm

Pros neigbours envy

Cons music , dealer service

after the draw of one lakh lucky costomers i thought that i am the very lucky winner, my friends and Dealer himself suggetsed to opt for the refund or opt for any other model of Tata. but I atick to Nano. I am having a very bad experience with my Nano. after 1000 kms i went to Tata workshop for first free servicing while returning back to home it stopped in the midway . one week later the technicians come to see the Nano they said that some wiring was burned and some fuses also blown because i drive the vehicle 120 km speed but i think the maximum speed is 106 km then how come i drive 120 kms, they charged 3000- for that. On next day the lock of the door opened for that they charged 500- . Then i decided to keep the Nano in garage and opted to drive my old bajaj scooter

Was this review helpful? Yes / No
6 of 8 users found this review helpful.

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User Comments of Tata Nano

By sai Posted on May,14,2015 at 17:16 PM

the car very bad not so nice.but it is in 3 lac and 4lac.its very bad

By Naveen Posted on May,12,2015 at 14:27 PM

Below 3lkh the car become good seller otherways on of the flope again in tatas history

By Milind Dengale Posted on Apr,30,2015 at 17:27 PM

I am a Tata employee. Pl confirm the price offer to buy Tata Nano AMT with the great discount

By RAKESH GUPTA Posted on Apr,23,2015 at 17:41 PM

nice i would like to buy immediatly as soon as this is launched.

By shalson Posted on Apr,20,2015 at 19:41 PM

it will be great if they can give an option to upgrade the nano to AMT for the existing users. Also the new steering
looks more pretty and sporty. Not to mention i fall in love with the new gearbox, Its simply attractive

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