Tata Mini Aria

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Editorial Review


It is no secret that Tata wants a large share of the Indian market and is working towards a plan to do just that. One of the most interesting new products coming from the Tata stable will be the Mini Aria compact SUV. Mahindra has launched the successful Quanto and many others like Ford, VW are also planning to launch compact SUV's. Now with such action and buyer interest, Tata is working towards launching its own compact SUV. The basics are clear, Tata wants to keep it as competitively priced as possible and it obviously is not going to be as advanced as the Aria. For cost purposes the platform used in the Mini Aria will not be the Aria platform but will be the old Safari platform.

Of course it will also be under 4 metres and the other usual compact SUV design details will include the spare wheel at the back like the Quanto and EcoSport. The styling is going to be heavily Aria based, we love its handsome styling so that is indeed good news. Space is going to impressive as in any Tata car. The big question though is the engine, Tata will not be using the current Aria engine for excise benefits so instead most probably the Multijet motor will be used. For all the things said, the most juicy bit is the price, expect a price-tag similar or even lower to the Quanto. In other news a compact Sumo Gold is also in the pipeline which will be under four metres and will be very spacious. So all in all the future holds the promise of some interesting Tata offerings!


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By animesh Posted on Feb,16,2015 at 11:09 AM

will flop if comes in old safari platform

By appus Posted on Nov,22,2014 at 02:12 AM

please send details aria mini

By pathy Posted on Oct,29,2014 at 15:15 PM

this vehicle must come with AT.that will be a big plus.

By tony Posted on Oct,10,2014 at 22:54 PM

tata is a good car but it comes with a bad service an a new car with a bad service will make u cry an tata cars has no
resail value plz take an advice b4 u buy....

By Sukesh Khanna Posted on Sep,15,2014 at 20:19 PM

Automatic Transmission or AMT will be highly appreciated. Time has come, the Car manufacturers should seriously
consider giving this options invariably.

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