Maruti MR Wagon

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Editorial Review

Maruti showcased the mini hatchback, the MR Wagon, from the Suzuki stable, at the 2012 Auto Expo. The company is known for its range of small cars and we feel this one too will make it to India in petrol, diesel and CNG engine options. The MR Wagon was displayed at the Auto Expo to gauge customer reaction to it. Maruti intends to launch it in the future. From the looks of it it is a typical Japanese hatchback with boxy proportions, but that boxy stylings lends immense practicality to the car in form of a roomy cabin.

The MR Wagon is a Kei car, a class of cars very popular in Japan. These cars are very popular there because of their size and ease of use. The MR Wagon might look small from outside but from the inside its spacious despite being a small car. The rear seats have good headroom and legroom. The interior has lots of features but the design is squarish with an eye for practicality over anything else.



Maruti will offer the MR Wagon with a 1.0-litre petrol engine (KB10), a 3 cylinder version of the FIAT Multi-jet engine as well as CNG option for the petrol one. The Mr Wagon can be a practical addition to the range of Maruti small cars at the present. Despite its boxys tyling it will have takers because of its useful and practical cabin plus its also small on the outside and is extremely easy to drive in traffic and easy to park. 


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By NILESH .P.DOSHI Posted on Feb,10,2015 at 16:05 PM

car is good

By NILESH .P.DOSHI Posted on Feb,10,2015 at 16:04 PM

hatchback cars are very less in india to select

By Santanu Chaudhuri Posted on Jan,20,2015 at 12:40 PM

MR Wagon will be ideal for cozy parking in Kolkata roads. If it be more roomy than Wagon R , then it will be a right
choice for middle class family.

By Dinesh Ansurkar Posted on Jan,11,2015 at 18:19 PM

I like it @ i Want to purchase ir

By alan paul Posted on Dec,07,2014 at 08:02 AM

please launch this car as early as possible in india

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