Types of shoes used in Cycling



Once you get your favorite bicycle that meets all your needs, you start riding quite often and enjoy every bit of it. Generally, you can ride a cycle wearing any footwear but for a regular rider, special cycling shoes are of great use. Shoes that are specially designed for cycling come equipped with special features to make your ride more paramount, efficient and comfortable. These riding boots have stiff soles that are responsible for boosting up your power. They also protect your feet from the pressure of pedaling. Moreover, these riding boots have breathable upper surface to keep your feet dry. Once you invest on a good pair of shoes, you will be benefited by it for a very long time.

Even though all the cycling shoes might look alike to a layman, there is a huge difference between them. Here, we have listed some of the popular types of cycling shoes available in the market.

Types of bike shoes are:

1. Road Riding shoes- Road Riding shoes are made up of leather or synthetic leather. These are quite light in weight and feature mesh material that allows air (ventilation) to pass inside. These shoes have the stiffest soles made up of various materials such as composite material or nylon for the utmost pedaling efficiency. It also comes with a buckle or a velcro-strap that provides a comfortable fit.

2. Mountain Riding shoes- Mountain Riding shoes are not ideal for walking because they have less rigid sole that suits the situation of the off-road terrains. Also, these boots are offered with a more aggressive tread design. In simple words, they are equipped with a tread pattern that helps in scrambling up slippery and steep trails.

3. Off-Road Riding shoes- Off-road cycling demands huge power transfer to the pedals through the shoes, so these boots are more inflexible and stiff as compared to the road shoes. The upper part of the off-road shoes is robust to cope well with the bushes.

4. Casual Riding shoes- Casual riding shoes have the most comfortable soles when compared with all the other ones. These are mainly used for recreational riding. These boots are also comfortable enough to walk or hike around.

5. BMX Riding shoes- BMX Riding shoes come with similar features as of skate shoes and are embraced with slightly stiffer sole. The grippy tread and flat outsole of the shoes make them exemplary for flat MTB pedals.