Trek Bicycles in India

A new set of recreational activities have been added to the list now a days. Going for a tour on the mountains using your trek bicycles have gained prime importance. Contrary to popular belief, biking is an art. The most important part for execution of this art is choosing your weapon. If you have a desire to tour the mountains using trek bicycles, a lot of options are present. But the choice remains subjective. A person can desire to choose a mountain bike as his trek bicycle or a simple road bike would the trick for few!

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To ease the process of choice making, here is a list to help you go through various possibilities:

Road touring Bikes

Let’s start with the basics. This is the most popular choice for many bikers who wish to tour the country or the city on a bike. It is characterised by a big wheels and sometimes drop handlebars. The big wheels smoothen your journey by absorbing the shocks from bumps and potholes. The drop handlebars can give you can edge on an open road, but doesn’t work well for controlling the road.

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Mountain Bikes

A tour can also be made on mountain bikes. These make great touring bikes if you wish to travel the world. Due the readily available wheel size (26”) they can be an excellent asset for the biker. They don’t need to be wary of any breakdowns. But sometimes, the bikes might be uncomfortable for many. It can be difficult to handle due to the minimised suspension forks that it has. It can obscure the rack fitting situation in the bike. Even the disk brakes create issues with the rack fittings.

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Unlike the name, this type of bike is more of use to the people who wish to use it for running errands or just urban/city use. It doesn’t quite add up in the touring bikes or the mountain bikes category. People still choose this as option for touring around the country or the mountains. Do make sure the important functions that a biker requires are fulfilled. It is advised not to indulge in this bike without making certain amends like getting a mount points for racks. The wheel’s size is 700C for this bike with an erect riding position without drop handlers.

Trekking Bikes

Trekking bikes are mostly a subset of the Hybrid category. The design of these bikes allow you to carry sufficient loads for your travel. Packed with a rear rack, gear ratios and aluminium frame, these bikes are swift, light and easy to handle for all the bike aficionados. It is the most suggested genre for the enthusiasts due to its sturdy built and aesthetic appeal. These bikes have a disadvantage when it comes to long tours. It can cause discomfort.

Considering these four broad categories, a person can make an informed decision about his buy for a bike. Make sure you analyse the types carefully, and measure the merits and demerits of the bicycles along with the purpose of buying it.



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