TI Cycles introduces kids bicycle range and opens exclusive kids store

TI Cycles is a leading bicycle maker in India which is a part of the Rs. 24,350 crore worth industry group Murugappa. TI Cycles has launched its new bicycle model, the Hercules “AF ONE” on the Republic Day. The new Hercules AF ONE is a bicycle which is designed drawing inspiration from the symbols and imagery of the Indian Air Force.

Hercules AF-ONE

Hercules AF-ONE

The new Hercules AF ONE has been specially designed for the children of 6 to 8 years of age. This bike is the second in the company’s series of bikes that are inspired by the armed forces of the country, the first model being “Ambush” which was launched in 2014 and was designed drawing inspiration from the colors and symbols of the Indian army.

The versions, Geared and Shox that is along with shock absorbers, of both Ambush as well as the AF One will be launched too pretty soon and will offer a full range of children bikes to choose from. The new Hercules AF ONE bike will be offered for sale in the bicycle outlets across India.

R. Chandrasekaran, the Chief Operating Officer at TI Cycles while speaking during the occasion said that the company launched this air force inspired bike on the Republic Day and hopes that it will help children relate to the armed forces of India in a better way.

In order to commemorate the Republic Day, TI Cycles of India also organized a bicycle ride named “Salute to the Armed Forces,” in Hyderabad in order to increase awareness about the armed forces among the children and to make them appreciate the sacrifice and bravery of the armed forces.

TI Cycles of India has also opened another exclusive kids store under the umbrella of BSA Champ. This exclusive children’s store offers a wide variety of kids’ bicycles as well as toddler tricycles. Named as the Venkateswara Cycles, the new exclusive BSA Champ kids’ outlet has been recently inaugurated in T. Nagar.

TI Cycles has a wide network of over 400 exclusive outlets all over India, which offer both mobility as well as fitness solutions meant for all the age groups.

The BSA Champ exclusive kids’ store specializes in an exclusive line of kids’ bicycles as well as toddler products. This range will include many products such as bicycles, tricycles, walkers, prams, swing cars, and more. This exclusive kids’ store network is meant to target small infants to children aged up to eight years.

While speaking on the during the inauguration of the Venkateswara Cycles, the new BSA Champ kids store, the GM of Marketing and Retail of TI Cycles of India, Rajesh Mani, said that company is very proud to launch this concept store. The retail market of India is on the high and children are a crucial part of this.

The kid’s centric products are on increasing demand, and the company will be launching several new products to cater to newborns to toddlers to preschoolers to school children in more BSA kid’s stores.



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