Thule and Shimano offer fresh new accessories to the cycling world

It is time to take a look at some cool new gears and accessories besides focusing on bikes and races. Some accessories are really worth knowing about because chances are, you will want to own some of them either out of a realization that you were looking for something like this for a long time, or out of sheer interest in the beautiful idea and make of the products, if not for both. This month has some pretty interesting mountain bike gears launched in the market. Let us take a look at the most hyped ones out of the lot.

Thule Towbar Mount Rack

Towbar Mount Rack from Thule

Thule has come up with a new premium bike rack of the towbar mount type. The rack is called the Thule 927 Velo Compact rack. Though the price of the rack seems pretty high, you will not be dissatisfied with the utility of the product.

The rack comes in different variants with the smallest one having place for 2 bicycles. The largest one can hold up to 4 standard bicycles in place.

The design and height of the rack is so adjusted that the weight of the bikes will be supported by the wheels. The compact placement of the rack allows owners to tow even the most fragile carbon frames into the back of the car in one of these racks. The locks are very secure with locking jaws that are strong enough to hold 4 bikes of 20kg each in its place. The rack is spacious enough to accommodate even 29ers into the slots. All you need to do is make use of the sliding wheel trays and the alternate locking mechanism.

The arms can be adjusted to move and hold on to any kind of surface without scratching it. The rack is very easy to carry even in the fully loaded state. It can roll up and down on its own when you need to put it inside or outside the boot. However, it is still secure and steady in place when you lock it in place. It won’t budge, only tilt on a whole to prevent the bikes from clanking against each other.

The rack comes with integrated brake lights, license plate holder and indicators which take care of all your safety worries that may arise despite the securely locked bikes. The Thule Velo Compact towbar mount rack is available at around AUD 870.

Race pedals from Shimano

Shimano launched its 11 speed XT groupset alongside XT M8000 race pedals that weigh 339g and offers a 0.8mm broader foot space than the older M780 pedals. The 7.7 percent increase in the shoe and pedal contact area has made it better for new riders and also for those riders who pedal for long hours every day. The pedals are also 0.5mm lower in the platform height but that hardly makes any difference. The Shimano XR M8000 pedals are available at around USD 120 and AUD 149.

These two are the most talked about new accessories in the bicycles market at present.