There’s good news for Tour de France fans

Tour de France one of the oldest and prestigious racing tour is now set to reach new heights as Dimension Data website will be tracking the exact position of the rider’s, their speed and also compare the proximity of rivals. While watching a live race, the audiences have always been curious to know the accurate destination of the riders, which will now become possible through this attempt of Dimension Data. ASO (owner of Tour de France) and Dimension Data, which is a data services firm, have joined hands and are all set for the new experiment. Which cyclist’s are riding safe and which ones are struggling to move further can all be seen through the website by viewers. The excitement has just begun to build up amongst the biking fans as the tour hits off this week.

2015 Tour de France

2015 Tour de France

Initially the viewers as well as the commentators and reporting executives had to depend on radio broadcasters and TV feeds for the live updates of the cycling race. Viewers could only imagine what was going by listening to the commentary and were hardly able to keep a track on the race. But now they’ll be able to enjoy the complete race through the website.

There will be a GPS sensor fitted under all the 198 participants saddles which will keep the audience updated through data feed. The race will be displayed live on internet as well as television. Even though it’s good news for the fans it could be a bad decision for the riders as now they can be viewed across the globe struggling through bad paths and extreme weather conditions. If we talk about the ones who are preparing for this race for the coming years, GPS technique will act as a very good guide for them. They’ll be able to figure out how wind impacts the riders speed as well as tricks to finish the race smoothly and on time.

The entire three weeks of the race will be broadcasted via internet and TV. 17 million viewers are expected to view the website’s live feed as per now. This will generate 75 million GPS reading for the website. It will be a treat for the eyes to watch the complete action as the competitors will ride in through hilly areas and tough climatic situations.

The director of Tour de France, Christian Prudehomme, on this take, said that it’s a moment of pride for the entire cycling industry and due to such technological advances, viewers will now be able to figure out the role of each contender and how he contributes to his team. He has always been in support of new innovations for the cycling field and promoting cycling as a great sport.

A test run had been performed by the Tour de France winner of 2014, Vincenzo Nibali at the Critrium du Dauphin. This new development in the cycling sport will also give rise to more competition and debates about the contenders. The link for this year’s tour can be found on the Dimension Data website.



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