The ZX504 cycle carrier from Witter is convenient and secure

Being an ace in the field of towbar fitting, Witter has made a reputation out of making cycle carriers that are mounted on the towbars. The new ZX500 range of cycle carriers is in the premium level, built on the most advanced technologies. The range comes in three different platform choices, one for carrying two cycles, another one with a space for three cycles, and the third one has space for four standard cycles.

Witter ZX504 cycle carrier

The carriers are heavy and the secure lock systems could be a little complicated initially, but that is only because the units are durable and secure. What you need to keep in mind before buying one of these carriers is that they need a towball. If you do not already have one at home, you can buy one along with the electrical parts and fit it. Not to mention, the whole price will amount up to a much higher price as compared to the cost of only the new carrier. Designer Martin Dickinson reported that the carriers had been tested in the Millbrook motoring proving ground, thereby, ensuring the efficiency of the units in rough terrains.

Towball-mounted carriers versus boot/roof-mounted carriers

A towball mounted carrier does have quite a few advantages over a roof-mounted rack. For example, loading heavy items at the back of the car is more fuel efficient than carrying load on the top of the car. Of course, it is also safer to carry the cycles inside the car than on the top as that would prevent the chances of the cycles falling off or the top brackets of the car getting spoiled. A boot-mounted carrier would necessitate the car to be free from rear spoilers. Hence, a towball-mounted carrier is the most convenient portability option.

Mechanism of the ZX carriers

The ZX504 is a 23kg heavy carrier that can carry load up to 60kg. It comes with wheels for easy rolling and the five-step setup is convenient as well. Every lever associated with the respective step is numbered and marked for easy understanding. The green indicates ‘mounting’ while the red indicates ‘removing’ in case of wrong placement or unlocking. When the platform is placed flat, it won’t roll off as it can be locked in place. A U-shaped bar contains bars of different lengths that hold three cycles in ratchet fastenings while another bar holds the fourth one in place by securing it to the third cycle.

For four large bikes, a little shifting is required. The securing bars need to be attached to the lower part of the carrier frame with the down tubes of the cycle frames. The bikes can then be secured with the ratchet clamps.

The ZX504 cycle carrier is steady and secure. The smart design prevents the cycles from clinking against each other as the carrier bends along with the bikes while in motion, thereby, resulting in zero displacement within the carrier frame. While the loaded carrier bends to offer access to the boot, the empty carrier can be folded and tucked away easily in the boot.