The Santa Cruz Tallboy 2 did not disappoint the Breck Epic riders

Santa Cruz Bicycles made the Tallboy 2 for the Breck Epic MTB Race that continued for 6 days starting from 9th August. After the reviews from riders till 14th August, here is a detailed analysis of how the Tallboy 2 performed in the Race and all about building that bike that took the rider through the 240 miles of the race.

Santa Cruz Tallboy 2

There was about 12,200m of climbing in the 240m long route. Hence, the bike had to be light and at the same time be durable enough for six days of racing through some rough and a lot of sloped paths. Let’s take a look at how the frame and the Maxxis tires of the bike helped its success on the tracks.

Talking about the frame of the bike, it impressed some riders because of the light weight straight away. The medium size frame weighs below 2.4kg along with the shocks! The bike is stiff and durable on a whole despite being a lightweight unit. It is somewhat a hybrid of the cross-country racing bike and a short travel trail bike, making it a perfect fit for the Breck Epic’s entire route.

The bike is very easy to service and therefore is the best choice for a six day long stage race. The components are hardy and less prone to wear-and-tear. Not much of work was required on the maintenance part except for what would be obvious on a hilly track where it was ridden in full speed.

The cables are externally routed because the looks of the bike were not as important as riding and servicing convenience. The cables can be easily replaced without needing to open any casing as would be in the case of an internally routed cable set. There are no ports or frames to guide the cables through and no such complications or time consuming effort required.

The virtual pivot point suspension is low and has grease ports for making it easier to flush the bearings clean and maintain the smoothness of the suspension while preventing the chances of letting it build up any noise.

The bike incorporates one of those conventional threaded bottom bracket shells. The durability and reliability of the bike is greatly increased as compared to the press-fit brackets due to the traditional model of the BB.

Coming to the tires, the mountain bike has Maxxis tires have what it takes to enjoy a reliable and comfortable ride on hilly terrains. The Ardent variant offers a lot of grip which makes for the good traction on slippery terrains. The Ikon variant on the other hand makes for the smooth and swift race performance. An ideal setup for a stable ride would be a combination of the 2.4 inches Ardent tires for the front wheel and the 2.2 inches Ikon tire for the rear wheel.

The light weight of the frame and good traction of the Maxxis tires made the bike a dependable ride for the Breck Epic 2015. The bike is good for regular city rides and also for off-road trail riding.