The new Kask Rex helmet is especially made for MTB and enduro racing

Kask is claiming to have made the best MTB helmets that can exist. The new MTB helmet from the Italian brand is called the Kask Rex and has twenty vents with complete cover for the cranial region. The weight of the helmet is just 290g despite it being a sturdy and protective one. The helmet also features a ratcheted visor along with an integrated action cam mount.

New Kask Rex helmet

The new helmet has been designed to suit aggressive trail riding sessions and enduro bike riders. This is the first helmet from Kask that has been developed especially for off-road rides. The previous Vertigo road helmet from Kask did have MTB lid and came in a visor furnished version, but it was not an out-and-out off-road racer helmet. The helmet is all set to hit the market this Christmas across the European and American market.

In the Rex helmet, Kask has incorporated the multiple in-molding procedure that involves a polycarbonate external shell which is merged with the internal polystyrene cap. As a result, the helmet becomes stronger due to the external layer and is made further secure with extended frontal and rear coverage. The back end extends down to the base of the skull, almost down to the neck. This offers full protection in case of a thud in any angle, ensuring complete safety to the crown in any given situation.

The vents have been strategically placed in order to optimize the airflow so that the comfort level is not compromised for the sake of safety. The vents allow easy resistance-free passage at both, higher and lower speeds. There is tout padding available for efficient sweat evaporation. The new technology controls the temperature and optimizes it to prevent perspiration as much as possible and keep the head comfortable.

The vents not only offer comfort, but as a result of the reduced perspiration and quick drying, it has also enabled the helmet to be scalp-friendly. A very widely accepted notion about cycling is that whoever has to wear the helmet, has to be okay with going bald sometime soon. The Kask Rex questions this notion with the airy design that not only keeps the rider comfortable, but also helps them not compromise with hair problems resulting from long hours of wearing helmet.

The Octo-fit retention technology has been used in the Rex helmets for a securely fitted helmet. The common leather chinstrap is there of course, but the octo-fit system from Kask helps heads of different shapes and sizes find the helmet sitting snugly around the head.

There are alloy bolts holding together the ratcheting visor for multiple positions. The ratchet is removable for those who do not need the adjusting and would not want to carry the weight. There are plastic polymer clips to keep shades in place even during speedy and rough rides.

MTB riders are very happy with the functionality of the helmet which will come in four color choices, namely, red, blue, lime and white. The size variants range from 52cm to 62cm but the ratchets assure perfect fit.