The Ibis Mojo HD3 offers smooth ride and handling

The new Mojo HD3 from Ibis Bicycles is a worth buying model from the mountain terrain bikes manufacturer. The bike is an enduro-bike in the true sense of the term. It comes with an impressive downhill capacity compared to what would be expected from a 150mm travel hardtail and with an equally good climbing ability to live up to the standards of a genuinely good MTB. The easy handling and satisfying ride quality makes the bike worth purchasing.

Mojo HD3 Hero Alternate Green

General features

The chassis of the bike is super-rigid with aesthetically and structurally optimized frame details. The reliable and smooth suspension and the dynamic handling make the model one of the best in its segment. The threaded bottom bracket is another point of attraction for the Mojo HD3. However, the narrow range of gears and the unreliable dropper post along with the not good enough saddle makes the purchase not totally worth the £ 8478 price tag.

Riding experience and handling

As far as the riding experience is concerned, the HD3 is a neat performer with no ‘quiver killer’ effect. The rigid carbon frame offers a smooth ride with the 150mm travel in the rear wheel that can manage easily on rocky terrains. The handling is so comprehensive that all you need to do is just hold on to it and the bike will adjust to the road on its own. The platform is smart enough to offer a leveled out trail chatter. The bike can take jumps and rough riding like a pro with the supple rear with no spring-back effect at all.

The new Mojo HD3 was tested in the Colorado area around the Winter Park. The bike performed equally well on two consecutive days at the Granby Ranch and at the Trestle Bike Park as well. Despite the 344mm low bottom bracket, there was no complaint from the bike apart from slight creaks after two days of extensive testing. That too was solved with a little lubricant and hex wrenches. Basically, the bike has no issues at all when it comes to ride comfort and handling ease.

The Mojo HD3 is a large bike but the size does not meddle with the stability of the bike in sloped terrains. The pedaling is very convenient and rider-friendly. It is arguably better than the best of XC racing units.

The geometry of the Mojo HD3 helps put a lot of stability to the chassis so that it can be a reliable model in various terrains. The low speed stability of the bike is reliable too. The head tube is angled at 66.6 degrees and has a mid-length cockpit. This allows the agile uphill and downhill climb with efficient smoothness.

The bike rightfully fits the enduro-racing bikes category with the longer cockpit and head tube along with the impressive drivetrain. The good thing about the bike is that is performs equally well on the regular terrains instead of limiting its efficiency to the mountain terrains. This bike is perfect for those who want to own a single premium bike that is fit for every purpose and every day.



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