The Arapahoe Basin hosting finale of the 2015 USA Pro Cycling Challenge

The Arapahoe Basin is famous as the Ski Area for extreme skiing during each winter. However, this summer, the Basin got a new sport at hand as it is going to host a phase of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. It is debatably America’s most challenging race where the best cyclists of the country come together. The participants will climb 4000 feet on 18th August, from Steamboat to the final stage 2 finishing at the Basin that is 103 miles further away.

USPCC 2015 State Map Route


Alan Henceroth, the chief operating officer of the Arapahoe Basin welcomes this the Challenge warmly as he holds the world-class cyclists and the spirit of the race in high regards. The challengers as well as the host team are expecting a dramatic finale at the mountain top.


The stage will create the ambience of festivity with two full days of vibrant events like camping, concerts and other such events organized for the cyclists and their families! The fun and thrill starts on 17th August beginning with a night concert by Brother’s Keeper and John Popper, the man behind the rock band, Blues Traveler. Lawn games and conducted hikes have been arranged for the morning of 18th August.


The Stage 2 Finish Festival will begin at noon on 18th August. The media is already getting set to cover the maximum part of the events on the second day. The event is being considered a miniature version of the Tour De France in America. Henceroth has high expectations about the energies and aggression at the finale. The media is also expecting a dramatic stage with lots of moments to capture for the world to see.

The camping part will play a very important role during the course of the events as it will bring out the essence of the cyclists bonding together while they are not racing each other. Also, enthusiasts who are not cyclists themselves will get to participate actively in the camping part. The spot reservation will be done on the basis of the early bird rule with advanced online or on-call payment. The parking lot and tent locations will be different. Beach locations will be rented to the Early Riser groups to let people enjoy the closest view of the Pro Cycling Challenge that is possible.

The Marketing Manager for Arapahoe Basin, Adrienne Isaac recommended advance booking as the spots will most definitely be sold out. The Manager also suggested people to come with a group of friends as it will surely be a time well-spent. Those coming only for the race day without a designated pass will not get parking spots within the premises of the Basin. Isaac also informed that the lower part of the Last Chance parking is a good spot to book as the finish line will be directly visible from there.

The refreshments will include steamed dumplings, barbeques and pizzas. Food and drinks will be available within the premises both the days. For those who aren’t satisfied with just the food for an eventful day, the 6th Alley Bar & Grill will be open throughout the festival.