The 2016 Focus Max Raven is the lightest in the world

The 2016 Raven from Focus Bikes is making a lot of buzz in the bicycles market because of its extremely light frame. The new Raven Max is inspired from the road bike, Izalco Max which has a weight of just 790g on its thru-axle frame. The Focus Raven Max stands at 885g. It is the world’s lightest commercial carbon framed bike.

2016 Focus Max Raven

Another point of attraction of the Focus Raven Max is the 29-er platform it is based on. Philip Klein, Product Manager of the Focus mountain terrain bikes segment confirmed that the engineers working on the project have given the new Raven a totally fresh carbon base with extended seatstays and more independent seat tube. The seatstays directly join the top tube, therefore, leaving enough room for the seat tube to function with minimum influence from the seatstays.

The lower end of the seat tube has no facility of the front derailleur as the bike is a 1x drivetrain. The bottom of the frame has been designed into a flattened spring shaped leaf for a few inches that will enable a lot of flex for comfort. At 27.2mm, the seat tube is slightly smaller than that of the previous Raven. The seat post incorporates the road developed comfort post from CEX which has been designed under an exclusive twin-sparred seat clamp technology.

The thru axle system is based on Focus’ very own Rapid Axle Technology. The axle system placed at the back end of the frame has been developed especially for road and cyclocross bike models of Focus. Currently, the German bicycle manufacturer is trying to make RockShox forks work with its Rapid Axle Technology. The 1992 manufacturer has always trusted the RockShox forks the most for reliable ride experience on the models. The combination of Focus’ own R.A.T. for the thru axle and the reliable precision of the RockShox forks will make the ride smooth on the road and easy for even novice riders.

The hardtail models are not the only versions from the Max Raven lineup for 2016. There is a total rigid factory model that comes with a firsthand carbon fork. The factory version is such designed that it gives a fore-and-aft displacement feel to the lower portion. The carbon fork frame is just a 425g weight on the whole frame.

All the new age designs and features that were present in the original Focus reinvention have been carried over in the 2016 Max Raven, only with smarter technologies to reduce the labor and therefore, the cost of the production is reduced by a big margin.

The base level Raven Elite has been priced at £1499 while the top-trim variant, the Max Raven Team version is available at £4999. The new version of the Raven Lite is available in a 27.5 inches version. A 27.5 inches variant is also available exclusively for women. The Focus SAM and Spine versions are priced similarly and have basically similar features but the Max Raven is the lightest and smoothest even in its own family of Focus bikes.



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