Teen cyclist becomes youngest to pedal round the globe

A 19 year old British teenager has become the world’s youngest cyclist to have travelled round the world. Tom Davies has already completed a superb 30,000 kilometer journey on his bike around the world. His awesome cycling journey across the globe also had him cycle through the heart of India. He has successfully raised around 60,000, and this amazing trip has made him the youngest person in the world to have attained this accomplishment.

Tom Davies Cycling

At only 19, Tom Davies must a tough Briton who is extremely disciplined and determined on his goals, as this feat he has recently achieved needed to be on the road in the last 6 months away from his home. He had of course had to face many difficulties, challenges and issues while on the roads of the various countries during his journey. He also had great experience getting to witness new people, culture, traditions and exploring diverse terrains and weather conditions.

The 19 year old finished the final leg of his massive cycling expedition in Dorset, United Kingdom, on 9th of August and finally came back home after being on roads pedaling hard for 6 long months. This young man’s courage, determination and achievement was cheerfully appreciated back at home, as he was welcomed home very warmly by around 100 odd family, friends and acquaintances when he reached back home.

Tom Davies had also managed to make some fans in the process in those who had followed his touring updates on his blog that he had been updating on a daily basis during his cycling world tour.

When asked about how he was feeling, Tom Davies happily chirped that he has just cycled around the world and it is simply the best feeling.

He also expressed his experiences of misery and hardship during his entire trip, which can be well expected in such a mammoth of a task. Davies said that he had experienced a lot of pain and had suffered also a lot, but at the end of the day it is really rewarding and an amazing feeling to have successfully finished his task of cycling around the world on bicycle.

Tom Davies had written about his experience while riding through Goa in his blog and there he explained that up to the 5 hour mark of his ride, everything was going great and he was feeling fantastic. However, unfortunately after that it ride experience went slightly downhill and he had to suffer quite a bit in order to continue with his journey.

He said that a headwind had picked up suddenly in Goa, and though it was not as bad as in Europe, it had annoyed him quite a bit. The road through which he cycled was also very bad for about 500 meters, and in the same patch a screw on his bike’s pannier rack had come out to make the situation worse, explained Davies in his blog about riding through Goa. It is certainly an unbelievable feat for such a young cyclist.



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