Syncros, Scott Road and SwiftWick offer cool new gears for cycling

For hardcore bikers, biking accessories are not just luxuries but necessities. More and more riders are becoming independent in the servicing of their bikes. Many are buying the parts and putting them together on their own with some basic knowledge and experience. Hence, cycling gears are gaining popularity among riders more than among dealers nowadays. Cycling has become a lifestyle for more people than ever before. So here is a list of three new riding gears and accessories in which every passionate rider will find convenience and comfort.

Syncros Digital shock pump

Digital shock pump from Syncros

Syncros has come up with the best possible solution for worn out shock pumps. Syncros is here to show Fox and RockShox how to make digital shock pumps better with its new SP1.0 digital shock pump. The angular gauge of the pump works like a handle that is easy to use and read. It goes up to 300psi where the gauge is marked at 1psi intervals. A rear dial helps release excess pressure.

The USP of the new shock pump is the dual-staged threaded valve that helps accurately balance the pressure in the valve. The mechanism is not complicated either. All you have to do is thread the valve as it is usually done, and screw the valve needle in with the larger ring and then unwind the bigger ring releasing that valve needle and finally unthread the shock pump. The simple and efficient digital shock pump is available at around USD 110 and AUD 150.

Shoes from Scott Road

The new Scott Road RC shoes are doing well in the market in the first few weeks of its launch. The Swiss brand delivered a top-tier gear with these new stiff shoes. The shoes have soles made of HMX carbon compound and offer a ‘torsion fork’ at the outside of the heels to offer comfort to the joints with increased torsional flex.

The soles are the hardest ever that Scott Road produced but the upper portion, made from welded micro-fiber, is supple and is connected to two Boa dials for micro adjustments in both the directions. There is a quick release mechanism for easy removal of the shoes. Sliding mounts adjustment and a plentiful rubber pad for the heels make the shoes a very comfortable gear for off-bike traction. The shoes weigh around 515g and are priced at USD 274 and AUD 400.

Socks from SwiftWick

The SwiftWick Aspire socks might be just the right thing to go with the Scott Road shoes. The Aspire socks have a high-density knit and have been designed to stay in place throughout the day. The socks are durable and elastic enough to retain its new fit for months. The socks give a seamless fiber for the toes.

The foot of the socks are made of Olefin fiber which makes the socks light as a feather and very airy. The foot bed offers good arch support. The socks are available in a wide range of sizes with different cuff height options and are priced at USD 13.00 and AUD 22.50.