Rules to be changed or made in India for better cycling

cycling-with family

India is considered as the worst country to travel on roads as the rate of accidents in India is quite high. Unlike the European countries, smaller vehicles have no value in India and are treated as invisible. The two-wheelers are more vulnerable to the road accidents. Size is the power on roads in India and in the caste system of transportation, the cyclists have been ranked just above the pedestrians and stray dogs.

Rather than the choice of the mode of transportation of the middle classes in India, cycles are meant for them by default. The majority of the Indian commute via cycles. So it is the prime thing which should be made a safer mode of commuting. Undoubtedly, the cycle industry is on the verge in the country and the new rules should be amended to make it more enjoyable and to increase its reach.

Here are the few rules which will transform the whole scenario of the Indian cycling culture:

1. Promotion of cycling culture- Even after knowing the benefits of cycle, people refrain themselves from using bicycles and the reason could be the status in society (Show-off) which is inherent in Indians. The first thing which people should understand is cycles are contributing in making the planet earth healthier and cleaner. Although the cycling culture is emerging in India, there is a long way ahead to reach the required level.

Indian government should also conduct seminars in colleges and schools across the country to tell the importance of cycles in our life and should recommend students to use them. Even though the govt. of India has made a rule that people under 18 years are not eligible for motorcycles and cars, the public rarely follow the it. Hence, the govt. should be strict and take necessary steps against this disorder in the society. This will decrease the number of vehicles and accidents on the Indian roads.

Promotion of Cycling culturePromotion of Cycling culture

2. Make Cycle lanes for the cyclists- The leaders and the big shots of the country speak a lot about the cycles and the cycling culture but none of them have ever raised a voice for the cycle lanes which should be made making cycling more safer. Cycle lanes will definitely help in promotion of the cycling culture and will also encourage people to opt cycles.

Cycle lanes

3. Encourage cycle rent scheme in India- It may sound weird to most of the readers but government should start an initiative to build cycle rent shop at all the bus stops, railway station and metro stations, so people could hire a bicycle for the smaller distances or for their destinations. Like the European countries, which have cycles along with the fleet of cars and bike, India could also have a clean environment.

Cycles for rent

4. Making parking spaces for cycles- The plan of making parking spaces will also create a big room for the cyclists in the country as they will get proper parking space for their bicycles and will not have to worry about them. The current situation is that most of the parking lots don’t even care for the cycles and in the rat race of earning more and more money they allow cars and motorcycles to get parked.

Bicycle parking

5. Making students learn traffic rules from the basic standard- Like other subjects, govt. should pass a rule and should make traffic session compulsory for the students from the starting standards only. Models of traffic parks should be made in schools and students must have to pass a test regarding this. In this way, the future kids will know what their primary duties are and will respect traffic rules and people on small vehicles or pedestrians.

Cycle traffic park

6. Use of safety gears should be mandatory- Safety gears have always been ignored in the country but the trend of using safety gears while riding is painting the more and more people in its color. Like motorcycles, government should make use of safety gears mandatory while cycling and people doing so without proper cycle gears should be punished.

Safety riding gears

These are the few yet meaningful points which should come into effect pushing the cycle culture deep in the nerves of the youngsters and hence making it safer.