Rudy Project marks its 30th anniversary with Tralyx and Synform eyewear

Rudy Project, the premium sports glass maker from Italy, is celebrating its 30th anniversary by introducing high bling shades and birthday glasses with gold finish. The limited edition Rydon glasses will be featuring 18k white gold mirrored lenses and to add to all the bling will be the new aero Boost helmets.

Rudy Projects

The limited edition Rydon will have the same Grilamid frames that will be the tough and amazingly light. The shades will weight just about 24g. The major difference is the Kytenium alloy pieces that will offer the original mirror finish below a soft-touch temple gripper for better fit and secure placement without compromising with the comfort. The most noteworthy visible difference is obviously the dense mirroring created by the 18 karat gold finish. The shades are very adjustable and comfortable, therefore, suiting all head shapes and sizes.

The Rydon edition is not the only surprise from the Italian sports eyewear manufacturer. There will be Tralyx and Synform series that will raise a lot of interest too. Biking gears enthusiasts are already having a tough time choosing which series to go for because each of them are expensive so usually, one would just settle for one of these. However, the appearance, comfort and functionality of these shades make them worth all the money.

The Tralyx models were designed according to the computational fluid dynamics. The wind tunnel experiment has made use of half-framed designs that will apparently help a wider aperture of undisturbed vision. The open-webbed style will help pull in some air and cool the forehead and prevent the warming up of the upper face, making sure that there will be no fogging on the glasses.

The Rudy Project group has claimed that their half-frame design will make for better glasses than the conventional glasses in terms of aero advantage. Apart from the frame, a lot of importance has been given to the design of the temple region. The adaptive tips design have a sort of open needle eye shaped tips with a steel core that allows the shape to be flexible to fit perfectly around the head.

To make things even better, the Rudy Boost 01 helmets range will have a compatible glass dock to securely hold the glasses when not in use. The Ergonose IX incorporates a compatibly molded amalgamation of a soft and well-clasped material to ensure that the new eye gear models are secure and fit well without losing the adjustability factor present in the earlier eyewear models.

The Tralyx model is available in the standard size and a smaller size to snugly fit smaller faces. The Mainland Europe prices have been confirmed at €139 while the US and UK prices are yet to be announced.

The Synform model on the other hand has the new frame that can automatically fold up to fit a small hard case that can fit in the pocket. The frames are durable as the hinges are made of aluminum that will stay put after months of rough use. The suspended hinge for the arms are made from a combination of aluminum and polyoxymethylene. The durable and foldable model is priced at €279.



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