Revisiting the Klein Attitude Gossamer series of the ‘90s

The Klein Attitude was originally built in 1993 and painted with the rare Gossamer custom paint technology in 1994. Here is a detailed study into innovator Gary Klein’s 1993 design after over 2 decades.

1993 klein attitude gossamer

Klein had in fact presented the model as early as in 1990. The single piece cockpit, hydroformed alloy tubes in the era of steel frames, the in-built headset units, the internally routed cables gaining popularity only in recent years, and the press fit bottom bracket were all incorporated in the old Klein Attitude.

The Gossamer paint scheme was employed mainly to make the whole surface area look in sync with the frame and to match the texture of the cockpit with that of the frame. The procedure included heating wet paint with an acetylene flame.

The concept of structure optimization is not new at all. Gary Klein discovered and insisted on the efficiency of alloy frames during the era when it was widely believed that steel is the best thing possible to make a bicycle frame. He used structure optimization to its best with the widened tubes in the then new Klein Attitude.

The new Klein Attitude will basically be a throwback of the original model without too many changes in the latest reinvention because the original itself was so advanced that it can still be passed off for a modern invention.

Klein had done a thorough research about how to make the model a truly next generation bike from every detailed angle. He did not only revolutionize the frame, but also made changes to the supplementary components. The internally routed cables were made of Teflon liners throughout and that made the cables segment easier to maintain than many of the present generation internally routed cables.

The inventor amalgamated the cartridge bearings directly onto the bottom bracket. This helped do away with the cups that would have added to the weight. The headset bearings were introduced directly into the head tube that was around the huge steerer.

The large tubes make the bike highly durable while the joints were welded tastefully. The chainstays were designed to boost drivetrain clearance apart from augmenting the posterior end of the frame.

Klein revolutionized the cockpit arrangement with the Mission Control stem. Instead of attaching two different stem and bar units, he made the 150mm aluminum stem weld in with the bar to make it a single unit. This enhanced the steering accuracy and also reduced the weight as there were no clamps in use.

The original Klein Attitude is the result of comprehensive research and detailed makeover of each and every part of the frame. Klein did not miss out even the subsidiary parts like clamps and smaller bars while designing the development. The direct outcome of the thoughtfully created prototype was a light and gorgeous model standing at 10.6kg only. With brakes, levers, cassette, chain, hubs, pedals and derailleurs all from Shimano and tires from Specialized Ground Control, Klein’s own frame is a wonder even in recent times.

Image Source: secondspincycles