Review: Urban Trail H2

Whether its about bicycles or motorcycles, Hero is counted as one of the leading brands in India. The company started their journey with the bicycles and later they ventured into other businesses. The home brewed brand, Hero, is well known for its product design and reliability.

Hero has a wide range of bicycles in the domestic and international market. The segment has seen enormous response in the recent times and has been hitting the bulls eye for alluring the adventure junkies across the world. Like most of the international brands, Hero offered a reason to the riders to explore new places and test their own limits beyond the horizon of their boundaries. Hero launched Urban Trail, the high-end crafted bicycles which are specially designed for performance, superior ergonomics and endurance.


Urban Trail H2 differentiates itself from being “Just Good” to being “exceptional” as the bicycle is truly dedicated to the riders who always wish to take their bicycles to the higher terrains and embrace adventurous rides to know where they truly belong. The 18-inch alloy hybrid frame makes it a proper heavy duty mountain bicycle.

The 65 mm Zoom suspension fork along with the lock nut ensures that the rider indulge himself with the off-road terrain. The firm suspension of the cycle does its job flawlessly. The pedals of the cycle are made up of semi-alloy material, hence making it more lightweight. The semi-alloy pedal might feel slightly slippery which causes an issue with the great grip.

Making the product more premium and durable, UT offers SHIMANO free wheel, consisted with SHIMANO EF51 21 speed transmission. The Derailleur is variable ratio transmission which is often used in the premium bicycles. Not compromising with the quality of the bicycle, UT H2 hosts SHIMANO Tourney TZ31 as the front derailleur while for the rear derailleur SHIMANO Altus M310 DL.

If the bicycle has been constructed to tackle all the hazards of the mountain as well as off-ride rides, its quite obvious that the bicycle would carry upto the mark brakes. Urban Trail H2 has been committed with PROMAX Alloy V brakes at both the front and rear end of the bicycle. The absence of disc brakes makes its arch rivals strong preferable option against UT H2. The 600 mm straight handle bar provides the bicycle with a straight seating posture which is highly beneficial during city as well as mountain rides.

The lightweight frame, sturdiness and the ability of churning miles easily make it a worth buy. However, the lack of disc brakes vanishes the muscular image of the cycle. The cycle is meant for avid riders and could also be used for the long rides. The cycle would have been better with all the existing features, if UT would have offered proper disc brakes to make it more useful for hardcore cycling aficionados.