Racing Bicycles in India

A racing bicycle is also commonly known as road bike is specially designed for cycling on road. It is a sport that is governed under the rules of UCI i.e. Union Cyclist International. One of the major characteristic of Racing Bicycles is its stiffness. This stiffness and its weight determine the power that is put in by the rider’s pedal strokes which gets transferred to the drive train and later to the wheels.

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Bicycles are a common mode of transport which is used by millions and billions of people all around the world. A lot of people use bicycles for transportation, while a few use it for sports or recreational purposes. With years of improvements, bicycles are now found in variety with improvements. Whether you are planning for a road trip or a long bike tour, racing bicycles can be useful and the idea can be absolutely intoxicating. However, you can’t just go and buy an ordinary generic bike; you need to know what kind of bicycle you are supposed to buy. There are mainly four types: Mountainous, rough roads, flat, etc.

Talking about racing bicycles, you cannot think of using a racing bicycle on the mountains. So before selecting the place and bike, you need to consider the construction of the bike. Bicycles of different types are used for different purposes. Bicycles used for racing are called as track bicycles. The one’s used off road are mountain bicycles or speedway bicycles.

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As per the UCI regulations, the bicycles must be constructed using a “main triangle” with three mandatory tubular shapes, the top tube, seat tube, and the down tube. However, these tubes need not necessarily be cylindrical in shape. With advancements in bicycles too, there are racing bicycles that use different alternative shapes. Looking at the traditional racing bicycle, they have the top tube close to being parallel to the ground which gives it an upright position. However, now there are bicycles with top tube sloping down towards the rear. Traditionally for road racing, bicycle frames were made up of steel, aluminum and titanium alloys. However, with changes virtually all professional racing bicycles now use frames that are constructed from carbon fiber composite materials.

Since the introduction of carbon fiber frames, the shape of tubes that used to be cylindrical has now diverged. With the diversion, there has been an improvement in weight of the racing bicycle, design, styling differentiation, etc. With the trend of racing bicycle, the variations have helped in reducing the aerodynamic drag and for adopting many design features. The reviews of such bicycles have indicated that the ride and handling of such bicycles are much convenient and user friendly. For the ones who love road cycling, the racing bicycles with drop handlebar’s are suitable which were majorly used in the 80’s. These bikes namely “roadies”, “racing bicycles” or “road bikes” have become less popular in these years. The production volumes and costs have significantly dropped because of alternative high speed bikes that have been introduced. Not to be forgotten, racing bicycles were introduced for recreational purpose and for sports purpose.



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