OneUp brings Shimano compatible traction ring while Garmin offers new GPS smart watch

August 2015 has been a very active month for the bicycles industry, more for the new cycling gears than any bicycle. The new entries in the market are definitely going to remain in focus for quite a few months from now because they are based on well thought out utility factors to serve. Let us take a look at two biking gears that riders will be happy to be made familiar with.

OneUp Traction ring

Traction ring from OneUp

OneUp is known for its single ring cranksets setting and it does the wonder again with the new range of chainrings made for single ring mountain bikes. The oval shape of the chainring helps distribute the power evenly, thereby, helping even average power bikes perform to their level best and optimize uphill ride experience. The climbing traction is boosted considerably with the uniform power distribution.

The new ring is simpler in design and can be made compatible with any bike with suitable brakes. OneUp has made the rings suitable for Shimano brakes so that the two brands together can offer the bike the performance it needs to deliver. The popularity of Shimano is only rising in the market so OneUp designed the Traction rings to fit the successful brakes.

The new Traction ring is compatible with the Shimano XTR M9000 and M9020 with the 32t options. Including all small parts like bolts, the total weight comes to 57g only. The chainline has been improved and threaded like in the general XTR M9000 rings. With the 7075 alloy construct, the new narrow single ring weighs 51g lesser than the Shimano XTR’s 32t chainring. The price of the new Traction ring from OneUp starts at $52.

GPS smart watch from Garmin

The new Vivo Active GPS watch from Garmin is a true smart watch with an integrated GPS system that can be used well as a sports watch. It also incorporates a pulse and speed sensors along with a heart rate calculator. The device is a fully functional cycling computer but despite all these features, it is rather light and compact. The device weighs only 38g.

Being waterproof, the application of the smart watch extends to sports like swimming and even while bathing. You can actually wear it all the time for a few days to track how you are sleeping or how your heart rate changes through the day. Hence, apart from being a cycling watch, this smart watch is also a swimming watch and a lifestyle watch for all the healthcare aid it offers you.

The watch can be easily synchronized with your smartphone with the exclusive Garmin Connect application for Android and iOS to extend its functionality to music connectivity and weather updates and also notifications of calls and text messages. The watch is priced at USD 250 and AUD 339 without the heart strap. With the heart strap it costs $40 more.

The OneUp Traction ring and Garmin’s Vivo Active GPS enabled smart watch are drawing the attention of many regular cycling enthusiasts with their performance and features.