More new biking gadgets and gears from August

August has been a very busy month in the world of bicycle riding. Not only have the annual World Tours kept the teams busy, but also, the entry of an array of new gadgets and gears have taken the bicycle industry by storm. Here are two products that riders may be interested in.

Kogel Ceramic BB

Ceramic BB from Kogel

The ceramic bottom brackets from Kogel is a new addition to the industry of bearings. The brand has taken the integrated approach to avoid the usual adaptor spacers for a durable and creak-less interface. The high endurance aluminum cups offer strong support to the bottom bracket. The hybrid ABEC 5 bearings offer reduced drag and are more durable than the usual bearings.

There are two options available for the BB, a road-specific one and a mountain bike one. These options are compatible with most bike models selling in the current market. The durability of the product and all its parts reflects in the confident 1 year warranty that Kogel offers, which is again extended to another 1 year if a servicing is required within that warranty period.

The price of the ceramic bottom brackets from Kogel starts at USD 120 and AUD 145. The pulley wheels can be bought individually and that raises the price to double though. But you can use the bottom brackets without these exact pulleys too.

Clothing from Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle introduced its line of lifestyle jersey and racing kit. The cycling garments are bold but not loud. The subtle designs and functional cycling jerseys are available in different sizes for both, men and women.

The garments are made from MITI fabric offers comfort and the elastic compression fabric enables you to maintain good hygiene even while on the go for hours in the sun. The antibacterial underarm mesh with the YKK zippers make the garment inspire every day clothing too. Features like the CyTech chamois are usually available in higher priced garments.

The Lifestyle kit offers the maximum comfort out of all the comfortable options. The fit is snug on all the kits but the race kit fits best out of the lot. There is a matching vest and Windstopper front in the Lifestyle kit. The Lifestyle kit is available at AUD 300 while the Race kit is priced at AUD 270. You can also buy only the Lifestyle vest for AUD 80.

Front lights from Indigo

Indigo’s Kickstarter project 5 presented its first front lights with up to 1800 lumens powered LED. The Racing Heart feature maintains the light strong without a flicker while doing a pulsing flash. The internally set lithium ion batteries are powerful enough to let that setting last for 3 hours and 30 minutes.

There is an option for an Antiglare Bezel that keeps the light focused on the road and prevents it from going straight into the eyes of drivers coming from the opposite side. The smart technology not only serves the owners of these lights but takes care to not blind the drivers in other cars. The lights are available at USD 180 and AUD 249.



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