More biking gears and accessories for mountain bike racers and regular cyclists

The second week of August saw the introduction of a whole new line of biking accessories and gears. The sales of these new gears are almost getting at par with the sales of the previous week’s gears. Let us take a look into some of the products that the second week of August 2015 just saw.

Bontrager Helmet

Helmet from Bontrager

After Bontrager introduced its aero road helmets which are known for the well-ventilated, comfortable design, the Ballista helmets make up for what the previous helmet have been missing. The Aero road lids weren’t that attractive but the new Ballista helmets with the Headmaster II feature for retention system looks flattering and is more functional as it lets you adjust the helmet easily while in motion. The cool new helmet is available for USD 175 and AUD 200.

Caps and socks from TIC

This Is Cambridge has manufactured handmade caps for cyclists with matching socks to go with them. The Panache hat has four panels and is mainly made from wicking brushed cotton. It also has a headband made with the conventional millinery with the same old detail. The hard flip-able area is wider than the usual peaks.

The caps come in five size variants and two color variants to fit around any head snugly and offer scope for fashionable attire with the matching socks. Coming to the socks, they are made from Meryl Skinlife fiber which is airy and comfortable. The socks feature reinforced heel design for better support. The socks are 15cm in the leg length and can be worn for a regular day even when you’re not cycling.

The cap is available at around USD 40 and AUD 50 though the international prices have not been officially finalized yet. The socks are likely to be priced at around USD 20 and AUD 30.

Pedals from Boardman

The Boardman MTB Professional Cycling pedals have been built to compete the Shimano M520 pedals. Both the brands have these competitors in the same price-segment. The pedals are free from clips and come with the cleats in the package. The mechanism is similar to that of the M520 but the pedals are slightly lighter than the Shimano’s pedals. The pedals weigh 283g and are even compatible with Shimano cleats. The pedals look durable and could actually be a tough competition to Shimano even in the long run. Boardman has priced the MTB pro racing pedals at £30. The prices in the US and Australia are yet to be officially declared.

Fork from Luaf

The new Luaf Carbonara forks are compatible with fat bikes. The fat bikes are becoming more and more popular as people are finding them steadier and more comfortable as they get familiar with them. The new forks offer a balance between the rigid and the full-on suspension. The fork incorporates the leaf spring system and offers 60mm travel. The forks cancel out all damping and offer a springy ride. The 179g weight is very light for a suspension fork. The product is priced at USD 990.



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