Mason presents the new Resolution Ultegra Hydro with an all new steel design

The new Resolution Ultegra Hydro bicycles from young bicycles manufacturer, Mason, is not the perfect bike but a good combination of responsive ride handling, nimble control and amazing detailing. The new steel bicycle will challenge the regular frames of the current trend in the bicycle world. The tires are not exactly responsive, making the bike good for only casual riding, but it is comfortable and reliable overall.

Mason Resolution Ultegra Hydro

The Resolution Ultegra Hydro is disc brake compatible, as would be safe to expect from any new generation bicycles. The posterior calipers lock into the removable brass thread that has been strategically placed inside the kinked dropouts. The design is neat, with the hydraulic hose disappearing into the downtube and fork leg.

The unique MultiPort alloy from Mason offers a very neat internal routing for all the electric cables and blanking plates. The bike has got a lot of detailed attention from the designers. The design is perfect for a single-ring drivetrain. The design has the most intricate detailing with hand-made steel tubing designs. The Italian designs have taken care that the weight of the bike should be maintained as low as possible.

The chainstays are a little more extended over the usual length. The hooped seatstay has been placed a little higher to make the resolution attuned to the full guard tires that go up to 28mm. Without the guards, the tires extend up to 32mm.

The design is not the only good thing about the new Resolution Ultegra. The ride handling is comfortable and fit for more than just light tours and casual terrain riding. The weight of the Gran Sport Extra tires causes a little bounce in the posterior stays but the gears are smooth while the speed of the steel frame is good enough to be paralleled with the turbo kick in diesel powered four-wheelers.

The Grand Prix 4000S II Continental tires goes low on the rolling resistance and offer reliable puncture protection. The tires are also lighter and help the bike to perform better at steeper terrains, thereby, making the bike a reliable option for low-key mountain biking, though, it is not an out-and-out enduro or racing bike. The 140mm Centerlock rotors from Shimano are well accommodated in the wheel segment and have some effect on the overall wheel weight.

The 4 Season disc road wheelset from Hunt and fit the functionality of the bike well. The weight of the wheelset is less than 1500g but that does not make the bike compromise on the stiffness. Hence, the wheels help the bike display some agility and stability at the same time.

The fork is completely made of carbon but it is way lighter compared to the disc set, thereby enabling a smooth ride even at sudden speed changes. The head angle merges with the long chainstays to enable a stability to the bike that will be helpful during descents. The short stem helps the bike be very responsive, in turn letting even new riders get a very handy riding feel. The bicycle is priced at £3195.