Living life to the fullest while cycling to remote villages

20 year old Aakash Mishra says that he reaches closer to his personal goal every time he cycles. He started cycling his way on what he calls inner social journeys two years back. He takes breaks from his freelancing career of a penetration tester of computer security at a regular basis to explore remote villages of India and the people who live there.

Aakash Mishra Cycle

Aakash has set on his latest cycling expedition on 8th of July starting from Indore via Hyderabad to Chennai via Puducherry and to Bengaluru. He then chose to send his mountain bike home and started on the rest of the journey hitchhiking from Bengaluru via Hubli to Goa then Pune to Mumbai via Nasik, Shirdi and then finally Indore, phew!

Mishra is tough nut indeed as he has a cycling experience of over 25,000 kilometers and has hitchhiked over 35,000 kilometers through as many as 60 cities. However, for the first time his expedition had got him to Goa where he spent 2 days.

Money constraints have never been an issue for Aakash, as he stops at nothing whether there is enough money in his pocket or not. And not bothering about anything else, he sets out on his these special expeditions on his cycle combined with hitchhiking at least 3 times a year. He says that heavy rains and not enough money are just not big enough reasons for him to postpone his trips. This youngster has only one goal that is to live his life to the fullest. When he doesn’t have enough money, he simply travels all free of cost, by hitchhiking through the out big country. He says that he has witnessed the compassion of very warm people, especially those dwelling in the villages. These warm people have shared their food with him without expecting anything in return.

While his pure cycling trips get sponsored by companies, his hitchhiking trips are more fulfilling for him, as he gets to discover some fine people close to earth in remote villages. On these trips, he gets understand their lifestyles and issues that plague these simple people.

He says that his goal in life is changing a bit, as he wishes to reach out to more such people in remote villages in the future and help solve their issues, but has to first fully understand their situations.

Needless to mention, his escapades are least luxurious and his night halts are usually roadside dhabas, petrol pumps, and gurudwaras. He has also washed dishes and served as a waiter in order to pay for his meals on some of his trips. He says that in order to chase your dream, one has to get rid of his ego.

He used to be brilliant in Sanskrit and computers back in school, but struggled to pass in other subjects. Before taking courses in computer security courses and pursuing his Bachelor in business administration, Mishra founded an NGO called The Golden Bird Foundation that works in areas of health, malnutrition, women empowerment and computer education in association with IIM Indore.



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