List of top countries with most bicycles per capita

Highest number of bicycles per capitaHighest number of bicycles per capita

Bicycles were introduced in the late 19th century and since then they have been proved to be of great use. The image of the cycles have not been intact because in the recent times the production of bicycle has shot up. The probability of number of bicycles is directly double to the number of cars running on the roads through out the world.

Since its inception, bicycles have been employed for a variety of uses such as in the fast growing lifestyle segment it is used as a gyming substitute in most of the parts of the world. However, there are several countries across the world where bicycles are being used as a medium of earning. Here, we have come up with a list of the top 8 countries which have the highest number of bicycles per capita.

1- Netherlands- Netherlands is proudly pronounced to be the country of cyclists as it carries the record of the largest number of cyclists in the world. Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands is known as the favourite spot for cyclists as the city has more than 500 km of bicycle lanes and 50% of the total commuting is done on bicycles.


2- Denmark- Cycles are generally assumed as the cheapest mean of transportation. They are also healthier, eco-friendly and quicker than the cars and motorcycles for commuting in Denmark. In 2012, the number of people commuting via bicycles was recorded 40% of the total commuting and was highly anticipated to increase the number to 50% by 2016.


3- Germany- Bicycle ride is ingrained in the German culture and perhaps there would be someone who would have not riden bicycle in his entire lifetime. Here most of the people prefer commuting via bicycles and the fact that everyone has grown up by riding bicycles makes the bond among the bicycle riders, drivers and pedestrians stronger.


4- Sweden- The people of Sweden are considered to be the best people when we talk about the bicycles because they understand the value of bicycles more than television. There might be some of the cases where people own different types of bicycles as per the family members but have no TV at their home.


5- Finland- The people of Finland just love to pedal their bicycles and the love of bicycles can be easily compared with the love of their pets. The people love to ride the bicycles without following the caste system or the age bar. From housewives to tourists, children to grown-up people, everyone eternally love cycle rides here.


6- China- Shanghai, the most populous city in china, faces the worst traffic jams and health issues. So, to avoid the long trails of traffic jams and the crowded trains and buses, people in Shanghai love to commute via bicycles. Most of the people pedal to their work.


7- Switzerland- Just more than an activity, cycling in Switzerland is the most preferred way to enjoy the scenic vistas and to enjoy the hospitality of the local people. Swiss people promote bicycles and they even run a campaign called “Bike to Work” where people ride their bicycles to work.


8- Belgium- Belgians are very passionate about the bicycling culture and their love for their bicycles is unmatchable. People in Belgium always have premium and well maintained bicycles. The best thing about the Belgians are they always follow the traffic rules. Belgians always use helmet while bicycle riding and they also wear bright clothes to make themselves visible to cars and motorbikes.


India is not yet a part of this list in spite of being the second largest bicycle manufacturer country serving 40% of the total world market share. Indian govt. should also promote bicycle culture in the country, which will be beneficial to both individuals as well as country.