List of India based bicycle manufacturers representing strong image of India in International market

In true words, the cycle section has always been ignored by the majority of the people in India but still the Indian cycle industry managed to revive itself and emerged as one of the biggest bicycle manufacturing markets which covers half of the world with serving their products.

The revolution of manufacturing the high-end premium products and selling to their countrymen at more reasonable rates started before the partition of the country. Cycles have always been a great companion for commuting. Where cycle helps in reducing pollution, at the same time they are pocket friendly. Pedaling is considered equivalent to a workout.

Downhill MTB

Despite their several uses, cycles were neglected by a lot of people in the country. However, the increasing rate of pollution and people’s attention towards a healthy and a greener life has brought back cycle in fashion. Like many bikes and cars groups, cycle groups have also been formed. One of the biggest examples of cycle success in the erstwhile is in Delhi, where most of the metro stations have started offering bicycles on rent, following the path of European countries.

Undoubtedly, the foot impression of the cycle industry is going to get impressive response as Indian cycle companies and Cycle Federation of India are working in making cycle culture more familiar in India. Here is the list of the Indian brands which manufacture and export cycles to the major chunk of the market.

1. Avon- Avon commenced its journey before the Independence of the country but the company officially started in 1948, when they first established as the saddle and brakes manufacturing unit. The company is enjoying their strong presence in more than 85 countries and specializes in electric powered vehicles, bicycles, luxury range of cycles and keep-fit series.

2. Atlas- If somebody says that it a clear victory, then it won’t be wrong as the founder of Atlas Cycles started with the import of the spare parts of bicycles. Now, the company is exporting a whole range of premium products to more than 50 countries across the world. Moreover, Atlas is the largest bicycle maker in the world.

Hero MTB Himalaya Hero MTB Himalaya

3. Hero- Like the majority of the Ludhiana based bicycle manufacturing companies, Hero is also one of the leading brands in the world bicycle market. The company has also been awarded for being the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer. After venturing successfully into the cycle industry, Hero started manufacturing motorcycles and since then, Hero motorcycle is the biggest two-wheeler manufacturing brand in India.

4. Suncross- Suncross, the only India cycle brand which has been honoured with many international, is striving to offer the best quality products to the riders. The company is running operations in almost 30 countries and is pioneer in making bicycle and bicycle spare parts.

Cycle from Indian manufacturer

5. La Sovereign- With a mission to preserve planet Earth, La Sovereign is in the cycle business for more than 40 years. The company is a joint-venture between Thailand and India. It also offers bicycle spare parts and is promoting the cycle culture among the people of India.
6. Montra- BSA introduced a premium range of bicycles made up of carbon fibre in India under the Montra brand name. Montra was the brand which launched the first titanium made cycle in the country. Being a division of BSA, the company falls directly under the TI group which owns BSA.

Although TI group is not a bicycle manufacturer brand but if we have listed all the Indian brands which are giving cut throat competition to the International brands, TI group should also get a place as the company holds 40% of the Indian market share. It has brought many international brands such as Cannondale, Bianchi, Ducati, Schwinn, GT and Mongoose under its umbrella.