Latest gears and accessories from the world of bicycles

The year 2015 has been very eventful for the bicycles industry with new bikes making it to the World Tour teams and all. Even at a personal level for riding enthusiasts, the time has been exciting as there have been many new products form Shimano and other reputed brands in the accessories department. Here are some latest accessories that riders could replace their old bicycle components with in order to be in fashion and also improve the performance of their bicycles.

Fabric ALM carbon saddles

Saddle from Fabric

Fabric has come up with its new Line range of saddles and more. The new saddles are narrower than the Fabric ALM carbon saddles. They measure 134mm and feature the split design. The saddle has a pressure release canal that runs down the center from the rear of the saddle to close to the front end with a tapering design in the way.

The channel features flexible nylon in order to avoid road sprays on the garment and maintains the smooth hull that Fabric is known for. The foam padding is light but very firm and offers comfort in a performance based perch.

The saddle comes in two varieties, the Elite version with cromo rails and the Race version with titanium rails. The prices are £40 and £50 respectively. The US and Australia prices are yet to be announced.

Brake lights from Sigma

The new brake lights from Sigma may look small and dainty but when it comes to performance it could take you by surprise. The lights are suspended through hexagonal bolts from the back portion of the brake cable and ends up right below the barrel adjuster. When the brakes are applied, the light shuts and turns on a single LED at the moment of braking. The light is simple but bright. It is not just an accessory that looks good, but also a measure to increase the safety for the rider. The lights come in 5 different color variants and are priced at £8. The US price is $10 while the Australian market is yet to announce the price.

Carbon wheels from Stan

Yes, these are the wheels that were stealthily tested in the Atherton Downhill under the Flow disguise. The 650b set is not actually meant for downhill rides. The wheels are meant for mountain and enduro bikes.

The rims of the wheels have an internal measurement of 26.6mm. They are attached to the tires with the Bead Socket Technology from the brand’s own house. The Radical Impact Absorbing Carbon Technology from Stan enables the rims to deflect on the inside by up to 10mm, thereby, absorbing the trail buzz. Despite this, the rims are thrice as rigid as any alloy counterpart.

The professional carbon wheels are compatible with Stan’s own Neo Ultimate hubs that feature sharp 5 degree engagements attached at the rim through the triple butted spokes from Sapim. The Team version will be compatible with the Neo hubs and 10 degree engagements with dual butted spokes from Sapim.

The brand has offered a 2 year warranty and a 3 year conditional replacement scheme for the wheels. The wheels weigh 1579g. The Pro wheelset is priced at USD 1900 and the Team set is priced at USD 1575. The Australian market is yet to declare the price.