Imported Cycle Brands in India

The Indian automobile industry is packed with premium brands, and there is a vast network of premium bicycle makes as well. A year ago, analysts predicted a boom in the high-end bicycle market profits. The current age is an era for the health conscious demographic, we are all worried about maintaining a good health and gaining the required fitness on a daily basis. It is the main trigger for the expansion of premium bike industry, all thanks to the advancement of IT industry.

Hercules Kombat Roadeo Bicycle 6 Speed

Hercules Kombat Roadeo Bicycle 6 Speed

People are willing to spend a chunk on expensive bikes for the sole purpose of maintaining health. The starting price of a high-end bike is Rs 25,000 and beyond, apart from health, it is the necessity of a greener planet that has exploded the bike industry. At present there are about seven to eight imported bikes, and the competition has just gotten bigger and bigger, and a highly competitive segment is Giant, an ace Taiwanese firm.

The influx of imported brands has strengthened the Indian bicycle industry, in 2013 analysts estimated a magnificent sale outcome of 25,000 units, and the predicted figure in 2014 was 30,000 to 32,000 units. According to a report presented by industry officials, the biking culture in India is flourishing, and customers are crowding around premium brands, and most of it is concentrated within the (HNI) high net-worth individual segment.

High-value bicycles are a common sight in highly industrialized metro cities in India such as Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune. Over the years, the industry is flourishing in smaller cities as well, and major growth is concentrated in Surat, Indore, Nainital, Chandigarh and Shimla. The growth expansion volume is around 50 to 60%, and according to Pravin Patil, the chief executive and managing director of Starkenn Sports of South Asian operations of Giant, ‘’there is immense potential for growth of bicycle industry in smaller cities.’’

Below is the list of top imported bicycle brands in India:


Hercules is a division of Hercules Cycle and Motor Company, its first establishment was in Aston city of England in 1910 in September. Its Indian operations commenced in 1951 and manufactures high-quality bikes such as CMX, Turbodrive MTB, Ryders, Jr. Roadsters, Roadeo, Roadsters.


BSA is an esteemed cycle brand from UK, and its first establishment started about 140 years ago. TI Cycles acquired the brand in 1964, and it is the first light roadster vehicle to launch in 1975, and it was called SLR.


Cannondale is a brand that has delighted millions of bicycle enthusiasts, the main operating firm is called Cannondale Bicycle Corporation and it is an esteemed unit of Dorel Industries conglomerate based in Canada. The main unit is in Wilton city of Connecticut, and the brand value of the firm in India is immense, apart from bikes, there is an incredible range of apparel, gear and rider accessories to choose from.


Mongoose is a highly acclaimed bicycle brand headquartered in Madison city of Wisconsin, and its Indian operations are immense and offer bikes compartmentalized into three categories, Fraction, Assphalt Tripel and Rockadile Comp 24 Boys.