Hercules Cycles is known for its name

One of the leading bicycle brands in India, Hercules Cycles has made a name for itself. They make cycles for both fun lovers and adventure seekers. From their stable, come the most known and recognizable brands in India. From ladybird, SLR to champ, some of the brands have entered the biking annals.

Hercules Roadsters Cycle

Hercules Roadsters Cycle

Supporting the cycle club theory

Whether it is mountain biking or dirt tracks or cross country rallies, cycling clubs have entered the cycling folklore. The Hercules Cycles site helps you connect to other cycling clubs or regular riders in your part of the city. It is divided zone wise into north, south, east and west. Depending on the zone you select, you can select the city and then look at the clubs in existence.

There is a calorie meter on the site that tracks how many calories you have burnt depending on your gender, age, weight, duration of workout and activity. This calculates the calorie-burns and helps you track your health and fitness.

Hercules Kombat Roadeo Bicycle 6 Speed

Hercules Kombat Roadeo Bicycle 6 Speed

Brands and bandwidth

Hercules Cycles have given some of the most recognizable names in bicycling annals. BSA, Hercules, Track&Trail, Montra, BSA Workouts are just some of the famous names. As part of these main brands, there are sub-brands that have become popular with time. These include Champ, SLR, and Ladybird which is the first exclusive ladies cycle.

These brands are both popular as well as fit in the budget for all consumers. Hercules cycles spell freedom, fun, energy, style and comfort. These are values that guide the Hercules brand and offer a range of bicycles, fitness cycles and toddler products. They have a wide range of interesting sub-brands.

hercules bsa ladybird breeze 24

Some of their sub-brands spell style, strength and reliability with stability in rides. It fuels the bikers dream for a perfect ride. Thus, they are known for their robust bikes that stand the stresses of the road.

The track and trail brand brings together several foreign brands that spell international class and quality. The famous brands under the umbrella include Bianchi, Schwinn, Cannondale, Montra, Mongoose and GT.

In line with their wide philosophy of biking as a way of life, they also manufacture fitness cycles. These exercise equipment is responsible for toned and taut bodies that spell hard work and time spent in creating a healthy body and mind. There’s a query form which if you fill up will help you zero in on the actual products needed for your exercise and the means to have it delivered at home.

One can even become a franchisee of the Hercules brand of BSA workouts by investing a certain amount of money.

Biking philosophy

Their biking philosophy propagates a safe ride. To ensure the safety of the bike riders, there are certain tick boxes which need to be ticked to ensure bike safety and rider safety. Some of the basic questions include – Is the seat adjustable? Are the handle grips at right angles? Are fork bearings lubricated? Are the mudguards tightly fitted? Are the valves capped? Are wheel bearings worn or lubricated? Does the head lamp have fresh batteries and a white light visible for 500 ft?



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