Helpful Tips to upgrade your cycle

Carbon Frame Bikes

When it comes to upgrading your bicycle, most people think of changing its tyres and wheels forgetting that its frame, saddle and handlebars can also be upgraded to make the cycle better in various ways.

Today we will tell you how to upgrade your favourite bicycle to make it more comfortable and things to keep in mind while changing parts.

1. Most riders go with the stock bars that come equipped with their cycles. Sometimes, these handlebars are not the most comfortable according to everyone’s needs. However, choosing the correct bars according to one’s needs will increase comfort and thus, will make riding more enjoyable on longer journey. Many manufacturers equip bicycles with a dropped handlebar which in turn makes a rider’s posture more aerodynamic which further improves speed and long-distance comfort. Before buying a new handlebar for your bicycle always consider the width, drop, reach, and material used in a handlebar.

2. The saddle of a bicycle plays an important role and should never be ignored. Just like the handlebars, many riders stick to those saddles that are provided by the manufacturers. Many options are now being offered to the rider in the market to choose from, which are of course more comfortable, light in weight, sturdy, and gender specific. Before buying a new saddle for your cycle, one should always focus on material used, saddle covers, finish, cuts and design, colour, weight and your ride type (commuter, long-distance, sport-riding etc.).

3. We have seen disc bakes on two-wheelers and four-wheels, but now it can be fitted on your bicycles too. Yes, you heard it right! Nowadays, disc brakes can be found on city and road bicycle and many riders also embrace them. However, your company fitted bicycle still comes with regular rim brakes as they are easy to maintain. If disc brakes are available in the market, why not go for them for effective braking and a safer ride. If you are considering to equip your bicycle with disc brakes, always look for right framesets, groupsets, hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes and wheels & axles.

4. Last, but not the least, are the bicycle frames. Again, there are many options available in the market for different purposes that are made of lightweight material like alloys, aluminium and carbon fiber. It is always good to use high-end aluminium frames as compared to carbon fiber. Though, the carbon fiber frames strong, still the metal frames are soft. The carbon fiber frame can break easily during heavy impacts. The metal frames, on the other hand, will give you a dent during an impact. Repairing dent are light on pockets and can be fixed easily.

Keeping these points in mind for upgrading your bicycle will make your ride comfortable and enjoyable for long journeys.