Giant’s disc brake addition to the Defy makes it a better regular ride

Giant Bicycles introduced the new Defy with additional disc brakes making it to the latest version. The riders of the previous Defy are all switching to the new bike with better equipment and ride quality.

All New Defy 1 Disc

The mechanical brakes from TRP Spyre are doing well in the market and Giant wanted nothing but the best. The specialty of the Spyre is that unlike most mechanical brakes which work by the movement of one brake pad, the Spyre clamp centrally on the rotator when both the pads move together.

The good brake is more about the smoothness and promptness than about the lock wheel. Disc brakes are indeed superior as they can control the brake power with smoothness without needing the wheels to be locked. The elevated brake modulation enables the rider to use the brakes suddenly whenever required, without feeling much of a jerk. Good brakes on a bike ensures steadier and a more confident ride while offering the safety of a quick applied brake just when necessary.

The disc brakes are more durable than the conventional alternatives. The disc pads outlast the rubber blocks as there is not much scope for a wear and tear down the rim. Moreover, with the rim surface no more being a necessity, some out of true wheels can be ridden. The disc brake calipers have Shimano 105 22-speed levers which are very reliable and offer smooth shifting.

The use of the disc brakes however make room for a problem with the 105 shifters. Located at the hub, the disc brakes need a longer cable, which in turn results in increased friction. The cables and the return springs of the 105 levers are not exactly compatible. The Spyre brakes are affected by the cables too. This results in some noise at the brake levers, which is not highly disturbing, but an indication of a problem nonetheless.

The problem has been solved with lubricant applied through the cable but that is just a temporary fix. For a permanent solution, a stronger return spring is required in the caliper or the lever.

The Shimano drivetrain offers good quality ride which new riders will be very comfortable with. The huge range of the gear enables the compact crank and the 11-32t cassette. The Shimano RS550 (non-series) crank is about 60g heavier than the 105 counterpart. The 4mm increase in stance makes the RS550 the chosen one in this case. It offers more heel clearance behind the frame at the point where the disc brake is placed.

The disc brakes offer stability but they are very heavy. The brake calipers and the rotors have a greater weight than that of the standard rim brake. The 2040g of the Giant PR-2 wheelset creates some problem on slopes or even while accelerating. The secure stiffness ensures the durability of the frame.

The carbon D-Fuse seatpost aren’t great while on it, there is a branded saddle for Giant created by Velo. The Defy 1 Disc is a joy ride. The bikes are good for joyful rides without getting too racy.



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