Giant Bicycles in India

In the world of bicycles, Giant Bicycles is truly giant, big, innovative offering the best in technology bicycles at competitive prices. They are truly a steal and they have upped the competition with a new store in Bangalore. Started in Taiwan, and helmed by Liu, Giant bicycle is a true game-changer – always innovating to come up with interesting take on mundane cycles.

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From Humble Origins to a Massive Empire

Giant was established in 1972 with a singular aim to create a world-class biking experience for customers worldwide. The founders happened to be engineers and craftsmen and as such, understood well the designs and the craftsmanship needed to create the perfect bike for a truly world-class experience.

They started out with lightweight aluminium frames and later graduated to produce high-tech bikes at affordable rates. They have a many firsts to their name – from affordable carbon fibre bike to high-performance road bikes with the best engineering. They also introduced the new high-performance mountain bikes. They slowly rose in ranks to become the global leading brand in manufacturing quality cycles and gear. They choose to keep the interests of the bikers at the core of their heart and technology to create lasting memories. Thus, they ride life to ride the giants. This philosophy has gone a long way to create biking experiences that are truly commendable and world-class.

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Their Wares

Giant bicycles make bikes for everyone – men, women and youth. They create on-road, off-road, x-road and especially for the youth, they make the BMX. They make bikes that win championships and design awards and create bikes that impress the novice and the connoisseurs.

To make the best cycling experience possible, they make accompanying gear that creates lasting impressions. The rider gear includes apparel, glove, helmets, liv apparel, gloves and helmets. They also make baby seats, bags, bells, bottle cages, bottles, computers, fenders, grips, halfwheelers, handlebars, handlebar type, lights as well as locks/security, pedals, racks, rim tape, saddles, seatposts, stems, tires, trailers, trainers and wheel systems.

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They also create cleaners, degreasers, inflation, lubes and tools. As such, they are specialists in both rider gear, bike gear and service gear. They also have a global presence to ensure steady supply of their goods and wares across continents.

To ensure that cycling is not just a business for them, their CEO pedals around Taiwan and also, they support international cycling teams that sweep awards. Thus, Giant bicycles are more than cycle manufacturers – they are more like a cycling lifestyle evangelist. They ensure that cycling becomes a passion interested in promoting health and a healthy lifestyle.

Cycling is thus, a passion as well as a lifestyle adjustment story that Giant bicycles wants to promote globally. Giant bicycles is a pioneer in cycling equipment, gear, bikes, new technology to improve rides and make it comfortable for the long haul. With massive investments in R&D and technology, they create the best bicycles in the world.



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