Fun ways to teach kids cycling

Fitness in other words is being active. Most parents want their kids to participate in various activities since a young age. Some kids learn early while some are slow in adapting. Even though the right age for kids to learn is after they are five years, you can use these techniques to make them learn earlier.

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Jill Allen who is a bike shop (Sweet Pete’s) owner says that the earliest to introduce children to cycling is when they are one year of age. This is the time they learn how to sit and you can just make them sit behind and take them for a ride. This will help the child in grasping and learning fast. Also he’ll get some fresh air and will be happy to go for a fun ride.

Trailers: Trailers not only have room for parent and child, they come with a capacity to carry several luggage. Like the parents may wish to take along toys, diapers and other kids items. Some trailers have a triple seat, which means it has room for two kids. Sweet Pete’s have also made available special kind of trailers known as Chariot trailers that can be turned into a stroller in case parents decide to go shopping. A single child trailer may come around $700 while a double seat trailer costs $800. They come with an instruction kit that makes it easier for parents to fix accessories when switching from a trailer to a stroller and vice versa. Allen also adds that, “with a kid seat, you can’t use panniers on the rear rack and can’t wear a backpack because it’s in the kid’s face. With a bike trailer, you can load up with whatever you need”.

How to ride a bicycle safely

Child Seats: They are great when the parent wishes to see their child while riding as the child seat is situated between the handle and the rider’s seat. They are less expensive than trailers and can hold a child up to 30 lbs. Allen says that this can be distracting as the child may not allow riding properly and also the weight holding capacity of the child seat is less compared to trailers and rear child seats that can carry up to 46-50 lbs. Child Seats at Sweet Pete’s are available from a range of $140 to $300. Also if you want to get a rear seat attached to the bike it may cost around $250.

How to ride a bicycle

Transition Bikes: Suitable for kids that are three years and above. Although the kids need to be tall enough to reach the pedals the do not require to put any effort. The five-point harness straps keep the kid secured and safe. Another variation to a transition bikes is a trail-a-bike. It’s basically for kids who can pedal their bikes but are not ready to ride independently. The parent’s bike can be detached from the child’s bike if he wishes to ride on his own.

These bikes will surely let you enjoy more with your child along with letting them learn from an early age and make them more active.



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