Focus brings is range of new thru-axle disc brake bikes at competitive pricing

German bike manufacturer Focus is expanding its line of thru-axle disc with the support of competitive pricing. As the disc brakes are being introduced in the UCI Professional races, Focus is gearing up to match up to the expectations of the professional racing teams. The Izalco Max is one of the fresh and dedicated attempts at disc brake enabled bikes.

2016 Cayo Donna Ultegra disc

The Focus Izalco Max Disc bike was launched in the second quarter this year and soon made headlines due to the light weight of the frame. The bike weighs merely 790g with the front triangle being about 60g lighter than its rim brake counterpart. The unusual down-to-up built of this disc brake bike makes the geometry of the model stand out.

As Focus unveils its range of road bikes and further plans about the disc brake incorporation, let us take a look into the details of the Izalco Max disc brake version and find out how the bike is doing with riders.

The Dura-Ace drivetrain has been incorporated in the Focus Izalco Max disc version with a carbon based four-arm SL-K crank from FSA. The brakes are the flat mount type from Shimano’s RS805 line. The wheels are the classy Swiss R23DB model from DT while the stem is fully carbon from CEX. The comfort post is also made of carbon.

The whole bike is priced at £3299, which is pretty competitive considering the features the bike incorporates. The Focus Izalco Max Dura-Ace version disc brake bike could actually be the most affordable bike in its segment in the year 2016. The Izalco Max 0.0 on the other hand is a £7699 light weight bike with better specifications of course.

The Focus Izalco Max 0.0 is the premium segment bike in the new Izalco Max lineup. The carbon wheels are light as a feather at 995g, from the RRC32T batch from the DT Swiss wheel maker. The brakes are from THM Fibula and the carbon post is made by Schmolke.

Peter Kinzel, Product Manager of Focus, has always been very enthusiastic about new technologies. Being one of the first companies to develop the true professional racing level disc brake bike, Focus will now feature a two models that are tubeless-equipped. The Ultegra Tubeless will be priced at £2999, while the Dura-Ace tubeless will be available at £3499, that is, £200 more than the current Izalco Max Dura-Ace.

The Focus Cayo range has come up with its own carbon version standing at 860g. There is a women’s version available for the bike. The Cayo range will come with the Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset. The price will be £2599. The dual thru-axle disc frame range starts from £1799 ending in £2299.

Kinzel informed that the upcoming generations of the cyclocross as well as the road bikes from Focus will use only the disc brake systems. There will be more use of the wireless drivetrain technology with FSA and SRAM partnering the brand. The Focus Izalco and Cayo series are creating a lot of buzz in the market already.