Ensure road safety and safe cycling

Considering the high rate of accidents because of reckless driving and cycling, it is time for people to engage in maintaining the road traffic law. As per the revised Road traffic law, this month onwards the people who’ll be caught driving or riding motorcycles recklessly will be charged heavily. The aim of revised law is to remind the cyclists and drivers that their carelessness could cause major injuries and accidents to people.

Cycle Accident

Cycle Accident

For all the beginners, it is necessary to follow and abide by the rules and implement correct judgement while riding. The enforced law classifies negligence towards traffic lights, improper riding, failing to slow down or stop at Intersections wherever necessary, and speeding on sidewalks, using the cycles and vehicles that have improper or dysfunctional brakes. Also, riding after consumption of alcohol, or listening to music through ear plugs while riding could charge you a big time hence forth. The traffic police will ensure issuing traffic tickets to the cyclists who are aged above 14 or older, committing such violations. The cyclists who’ll receive more than two such tickets will undergo safety education programme lasting for three hours. If the cyclist fails to implement it, the cyclist will be charged a hefty fine.

Along with riding the cycle comes responsibilities. If you are an amateur rider, make sure to undergo proper training and applicable traffic rules. Each state has its own set of rules, beware of them. Riding responsibly will do wonders not just for you but also in the favour of the environment and people on the street.

It is important to consider the important rules while cycling. It is usually either illegal or completely unsafe to ride on sidewalk or on the roads where you have vehicles coming from the opposite direction. As a rule or measure of safety, it is always advisable to be towards the right as much as possible. Sometimes it is impossible to stay on your right, whether it’s to overtake a vehicle or cycle. At such times, make sure to wait for the right opportunity and use hand signals when you take up a lane.

Another important point to be considered is making an eye to eye contact, always! This ensures that the motorcyclists or the driver will help you to assert the rightful place on the road. This connection will ensure the right attention and protection you need.

Implementing these points could reduce the road accidents involving bikes. Going to the count of accidents involving bicycles went up to 109,269- nearly 20 percent if all traffic accidents. It would be wise enough if the cyclists would take out insurance policies for their bicycles. The government needs to provide financial support in order to promote such measures. Also, the kids in the school and colleges should be made aware about these rules. The survey conducted clearly underlines the need for the national and local governments to create lanes and paths exclusively for the cyclists. Appropriate guidance and training could help reduce the fatal traffic accidents.



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