Cycling tips for the beginners

Nowadays, bicycles are barely a means of conveyance and are more popular for recreational activity, especially in the city. While this absolutely green vehicle is good for others health, it is also very beneficial to promote your own good health. Cycling is a superbly invigorating experience and can also be a potential mood lifter and stamina booster. So, here are some invaluable cycling tips for those who wish to pick up cycling as an all beneficial hobby.

Miyata Cycles

Miyata Cycles

Begin with a right bike

To begin with, buy a nice sturdy bicycle which is available in plenty in the Indian market. All malls and local bicycle shops keep both homemade as well as imported bike models. However, professionals suggest that only looking at a bike’s brand is not enough. It is good to buy something within your budget and you really need to see whether the cycle’s size suites you or not. A bicycle model with gears is a good choice for a comfortable ride in a city.

While there are many inexpensive good sturdy bikes to choose from, if you have a good budget you can also go for a great branded Hybrid bicycle. Hybrid bicycles have large, fast-rolling wheels and have bars and controls similar to the fat tyred mountain bicycle models. These are generally priced around at Rs. 30,000, while you will find quality cheaper hybrid bikes, some of them can be really steeply priced as well.

Bike accessories are also important

For an urban recreational cyclist, only buying a good bike is not enough, some necessary accessories are also must buys for an overall safe, comfortable and complete cycling experience. For instance a good helmet is a must buy. For a more comfortable ride choose good protective gloves as well. Some accessories for your bike are also necessary. There are many to choose from like emergency foot pumps, side stands, safety lights, cushioned seats, locks, mud guards, bottle holders, and many more. The intermittent LED safety lights are also very important for your cycle if you like cycling at night. Many of these accessories can be bought in affordable packages.

Hunt for good cycle trails in your city

When you are all ready with a good bicycle, bike accessories and suitable clothing, you should go out looking for the best cycling routes in your city. You can team up with an enthusiastic cycling group who do it regularly, which would be great for the beginners from all the aspects.

Safe cycling

The beginners should choose a secluded cycling spot where only joggers and cyclists are seen with very less traffic. Once you gain confidence enough, you can ride in traffic stricken road as well, but always stay alert, ride confidently and always move with the traffic without being tensed, slow, timid or very fast. Keep a very steady pace and give wide hand signals when taking turns. Don’t forget your safety gears and a sturdy helmet. And of course, follow all traffic rules.



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