Cycling reduces transportation stress by as much as 40 percent

In this modern busy world, stress, tension and exhaustion are parts of regular life. Over-worked and overstressed people thus tend to be always irritated, fatigued and even depressed. But did you know that just by incorporating cycling in your daily routine, could mean much lesser stress? It is now, a proven fact that those who cycle down to work or cycle every day instead of using any other forms of transportation are 40 percent less stressed out than those who don’t use bicycles.

cycling stress relief

According to a new research, switching over to cycling from your car and even any other modes of transport can drastically reduce your stress level, making to feel healthier and more energetic to go on the entire day of work.

As per the new study, swapping your car drive or journey by subway for a bicycle ride up and down the road from home to work, can make anyone as 40 percent less stressed out than before.

This study was recently conducted by the researchers at the Stanford Calming Technology Lab who analyzed the data that was produced by 1,000 commuters using more than 20,000 commutes on Spire, which is a wearable monitoring device that is used for tracking the heart rate as well as the amount and depth of the person’s breaths taken in every minute.

The researchers found out that those commuters who depended on only motorized transport showed shallower breathing after their commutes within an than those who travel by their bicycles.

Shallow breathing coupled with raised heartbeats are the characteristic signs of stress, which is evidently found in the non-cycling commuters.

The co-founder of Spire and the head of the Calming Technology Lab, Neema Moraveji says that it has been found that many of these stressed out commuters are unable easily transit from the work to home atmosphere because of their high level of stress.

Moraveji added that by cycling to and fro from work will not only provide great physical benefits, but also considerable amounts of emotional as well as psychological benefits.

Last year, the study from the University of East Anglia found out from the data of about 18,000 commuters over a period of 10 years, that the active commuters have much higher levels of well being than those who relied only on machines.

People who swapped their cars or train journeys for a bike ride even for just a short amount of time also showed considerable increase in their levels of wellbeing.

Moreover, for those commuters who are looking for a more economical daily conveyance can find further inspiration from the findings of yet another recent study which says that the use bicycles for the daily transportation from home to work can be as much as 6 times more economical than using cars motoring for the whole society.

Apart from the considerable reduction in stress, daily cycling will also help the general health and fitness levels of a commuter, which will further increase his general sense of wellbeing and result in overall better lifestyle.



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