Cycling on the heavenly terrains

There can be nothing happier and fulfilling than a great trip in the misty, cloudy and mysterious mountains and getting to experience nature very close. This sort of heavenly experience can be heightened even further if the trip is made on bicycles, as there is no better way to explore places and to be one with nature first hand than riding bikes. And this is exactly what the participants of Times Passion Trails in Bhutan experienced.

Cycling on the heavenly terrains

Well these participants must have been on cloud 9 getting to savor the exquisite beauty of the dreamy peaceful hilly nation, getting to enjoy mystical clouds floating close to them, rain drenched winding hilly roads, great spiritual vibes and the many happy faces of the locals encouraging them on their rides. The participants of the Times Passion Trails in Bhutan surely got to have a lifetime experience.

Cycling is a great passion in itself, and cycling fans can only explain the special happy feeling that one gets to experience while pedaling down beautiful stretches. And if a cycling expedition is conducted in a beautiful hilly location, then the excitement and the awesome feeling of cycling gets heightened by many folds. This great experience was even made more special at the Times Passion Trails in Bhutan, as the country is known for its power of instilling inner peace and happiness along with mesmerizing scenic extravaganza! This trip was certainly magical for all the participants in the event.

However, this heavenly cycling trip was not meant for many, as just 14 handpicked cyclists got to enjoy it, and it was essentially one of their dreams come true. As part of the Times Passion Trails edition, this selected group of cyclists rode through the heart of the Kingdom of Bhutan. All the 14 participating riders were lead by the avid cyclist Rajesh Kalra, who was also responsible for leading the Manali to Leh Passion Trail that took place last year. All these participants just had one thing is common- the love and passion for cycling, and they left from Delhi in June for Paro to embark on an unforgettable cycling expedition in the mountains. From Paro, the riders embarked on their superb trip on their cycles, pedaling through the high passes, through meandering hilly roads lined with colorful fluttering prayer flags, lush terraced fields washed by monsoon showers, chortens, lots of happy friendly people and much more.

The cycling expedition took the participants from Paro via Haa, Chele la to Thimpu via Punakah, Dochu La, Wangdue, and then back to Paro. The trip obviously included the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery, and all the participants needed to go on a bike-hike combination to complete the journey and to experience this stupendously awesome monastery at an altitude of 3,120m.

The weeklong extraordinary cycling expedition finally ended leaving all 14 speechless about their incredible experience. They had experienced some of the things that they never experienced before. It was a superb package of trill, triumph, new friendship, new found confidence and discovering self.



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