Cycling can replace visits to gym

Bollywood actors work hard to stay fit and in shape and indulge in various sorts of rigorous workouts. The male actors are usually all muscle-bound hunks and sweat a lot to be able to flaunt that lean yet muscular body on screen. However, like in all the other fields, here too are exceptions. Anil Kapoor for instance, bids to be different and vouches by general fitness and not bulging muscles. This very experienced pro Bollywood actor has been always a lean and fit gentleman on an off screen who never showed any intentions for a heavy-weight muscular body or show off the physique of a bodybuilder.

Actor Anil Kapoor

Actor Anil Kapoor

The actor also does not indulge in heavy-duty weight training and strenuous gym sessions, but keeps stunning people with his agile and fit body, while also looking glowing and younger than other actors of his age. The actor has been having a long fulfilling career in films, playing leading roles with much younger actresses who are just few years older than his own daughter, actress Sonam Kapoor.

If one wonders how Anil Kapoor manges to stay so fit, energized and youthful even being well over fifty; the credit is given to regular cycling. The actor is a passionate cyclist and depends on it to remain fit and healthy.

Anil Kapoor says during his growing up days in a humble setup, he found his passion for cycling. He says that cycles have been always close to his heart and he used to get excited whenever a neighbor bought a new cycle. In those days every kid used to be fascinated with cycles and wanted to possess one, not like today when everyone wants to own a fancy car.

Anil stresses on the fact that in India cycles are still important, but mass usage of everyday cycling needs to be encouraged in the urban regions. Cycling is amazing, according to the actor. He says that he used to cycle a lot, but left it when he passed his youth. However, in the last 9 years, he has been using less of his cars and more of his cycle everyday to stay fit and active.

Anil Kapoor says that as Mumbai is known for the city’s ugly traffic jams, he used cycling to reach for work faster by using a cycle, when he was shooting for the film ‘My Wife’s Murder’. He says that in that film he was playing a lower middle class man, so cycling for shoots also helped him get into his character that driving a Mercedes Benz or BMW won’t offer.

Anil Kapoor doesn’t go to gym and says that through cycling he is able to exercise enough and do his cardio. Cycling also helps him to be strong and active and bring out more energy. He added that he thinks that the Indian Government should promote cycling in a widespread manner, and that he himself would like to promote it. Anil says that he cycles to office, for shoots and to meet his friends.



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