Cycling – Best solution to the problem of traffic jams

With lane restrictions proposed during the forthcoming Pan Am Games, more and more people in Toronto are wondering whether they are better off cycling than driving their cars. It is certainly a welcome idea but one needs to take a careful picture that would emerge during the games. Jeremy Axon, who owns a cycle chop called Urbane Cyclist in the downtown, feels that there are many optional routes for cyclists around the town and though there is no dedicated network of routes for cyclists, Toronto has come a long way forward.

Cycling - Best solution to the problem of traffic jams

Jeremy decided to put to test his assumption about ease of cycling on his daily route that takes him to Queens Quay. He says that riding his bike on this route was earlier stressful but opening of a new track between Jarvis and Bathurst stations has made it easier. There are still many pedestrians who come into the way of the bikers and the city is still learning to accommodate them.

After this waterfront, the next best cycling route in the city is Sherbourne cycle track. Running between Bloor and King Stations these lanes are well divided but they are still not well connected with the main cycling network in the city. Another problem is motorists stopping in front of moving cyclists, compelling them to take a detour. Another good station, the Bay St., allows not just bicyclists but also taxis and buses from 7 AM in the morning till 7PM in the evening.

Despite these shortcomings, you are better off moving on your bicycle this summer than driving your car. However, you need to study the routes and take enough supplies with you to complete your journey safely and quickly.

If you take a public transport system to arrive in the city and then need to cover some distance to reach your destination, you can make use of Bike Share Toronto. It can be a very safe and effective idea especially during the games. You can pick up a bike at any of the 84 stations ad drop it at any station you like for a fixed fee of $7 that is charged for 24 hours. You can also plant to take a bike on lease form the many bicycle shops in the downtown.

You need to take a look at bike riding rules if you haven’t taken to cycling for a while. You must not only stop and go at relevant road lights but also be prepared to give way to pedestrians, cars, and buses. Ride on one side of the road and in the direction of the traffic. Do not forget to give a signal before taking a turn.

If you are planning to take to cycling during Pan Am games, plan the route you will be taking in advance. This will make your transit easier and smoother. You can get city cycling map for free to learn all about the tracks and routes for the cyclists. There are also off road options that cyclists can take.



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