Cycle Gear – Types of Gears

Cycle Gear is a moving part of the bike. It is simply a rotating metal piece that is attached to both the wheels of the bicycle and also the pedal. The cycle Gears are necessary for manipulation of speed and magnitude as well. It mainly helps in smooth riding and optimized for different kinds of terrains.

fixedgear bicycle

Coming to the types of gears, there are various types of gears.

  • Fixed gear
  • Derailleur
  • Hub gear

Depending upon the usage of bike and requirement of performance, the different types of gears are attached in combination to improve the efficiency and output. In some bicycles, the fixed and derailleur gears are used in combination to improve the performance and output of the bike. Also, there are kind of bikes that have gears with unequal number of teeth which are used in certain kind of bicycles. It’s mainly used to prevent slipping of bikes due to the teeth.

Derailleur gear bicycle

In a survey conducted in 2013, it was observed that the quality of gears is improving day by day. The matter of fact is, these gears are performing damn well. However, there are just handful of products that are standing out because of their product transformation or category. Different gears act differently with different kind of performance levels. Therefore it is always advisable to ask for guidance before selecting the bicycle. If you want to use the bicycle for daily normal use for riding it on streets and for going to the shops, a regular set of cycle gear would serve your purpose. However, if you are a professional biker and you want to join competitions or mountaineering, you’ll have to use high performance gears. These high performance gears will help the biker to travel on steep roads and it’ll help in speeding up on flat surfaces.

Hub gear bicycle

For the professional cyclists, choosing the right gears is important. If you are thinking of experimenting with different configurations for gears, it is always good to seek advice and guidance of the experts. If you are a serious mountaineer and biker, you should learn the difference between the performance of different gears and also how the gears work on different timings. Also, before going for an adventure trip or long cycling competition, make sure of your bicycles condition. It is important to ensure the condition of your bike. For the ones who want speed, it is necessary to choose right gears that’ll give you high speed performance and safety. So if you want to rework on yourself from being a weekend bicycle owner to a cycling champion you will have to know the different biking gears in different conditions. Adding to the safety part, wearing the right cycling gear is very important. It’ll prevent you from any harm or destruction and will help your biking even more convenient and enjoyable. So next time when you plan to head out for a road cycling trip or a competition, remember the few necessities and you’ll witness having a swift and enjoyable ride.



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