Check out the modified frame of the all new Bird Zero TR1

Bird Cycleworks is a rather new company compared to all the brands the barely two year old manufacturer is aiming to battle. However, the designs and components are winning the company, people’s trust in it steadily and at 28 months from the foundation, the manufacturer is already becoming a bigger firm than it expected to be in the initial stage of 3-5 years.

Bird Zero 1 Hardtail

Bird Zero 1 Hardtail

The United Kingdom bicycle manufacturer offers an array of components to let buyers customize their bikes exactly how they want. Being a new competitor in the market, the Company has resorted to competitive pricing and lifetime warranty offers for the frame. The geometry of the bike has been optimized to offer stability at high speeds for confident riding.

On the downside, to begin with, the bikes are not as agile and responsive as the low weight mark would propose. Secondly, the bikes are produced and marketed on the direct sales basis, which means that there are no local shop support for the Bird Zero TR1. Since the Company was established only in April 2013, a little patience is likely to work with the second problem. The manufacturer probably is already making plans to make the future models available to local dealership and servicing support.

Frame description

Let’s take a look into the specifications of the bike that has been built under a similar geometry as that of the Mondraker. The new Zero TR1 frame has managed to cut down 200g of the weight of the original Zero. The new model is a sleeker, trendier version of its predecessor. The sizing has been perfected by straightening the seat tube and making the frame compact.

The Zero AM is the short travel option for hardtail. It has a 150mm fork, inspired from the Aeris full suspension bicycle, to come at par with the Whyte and Mondraker’s extra-long front face. The back ends have also been elongated to increase stability so that the front wheel remains steady at slopes.

Stealth dropper routing, rear axle from Maxle and the side-swing open front mechanical cable routing from Shimano will be featured on the production bikes. The older ISCG mounts will be replaced because it did not impress the customers.

A number of options are available based on color, hence the buyers can choose the bikes based on appearance too. Bird has maintained a balance between the features and the appearance. The best thing about the Zero TR1 models, or about Bird as a cycle manufacturer is that the warranty on the model is valid for literally a lifetime. Even if the frame is sold or customized, the warranty applies.

Bird Cycleworks is using its few years of experience to its advantage. The young manufacturer is a quick learner as it is constantly remodeling its bikes depending on the incoming feedback of the buyers. The manufacturer is very responsive to customer demands and testimonies. As a result, the bikes will now come with 1×11 drivetrain powered by SRAM or maybe Shimano. This will make shifting more convenient and reduce some more weight from the frame.



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