7 Reasons to pick up cycling

People around the world are taking up cycling as a means of fitness activity and as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Benefits of cycling are many, ranging from health, environmental, convenience and economical, and it is a superb invigorating experience in itself.

So, if you have not picked up cycling as yet, here are 7 great reasons why you should simply pick a bike and hit the road.

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To stay young

Cycling seems to be potentially adding years to your life. According to a study many elderly fit amateur riders are much younger physically than the people their own age.

Extensive tests on over 120 cyclists aged 55 to 79 at the King’s College, London, revealed that the effects of ageing on these people were very less obvious. The study showed that the older cyclists in the group had similar muscle strength, exercise ability and lung power to the youngest cyclists in the group.

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Makes you a happier person

In this high stress and tension prone lifestyle, everyone longs to stay happy. Cycling promotes a healthier lifestyle with enhanced cardiovascular fitness. 42 percent people said they had fallen ill less frequently after taking up cycling, while 50 percent said they feel less stress. Moreover, 47 percent noted overall improved mental health.

Helps drinkers and smokers

A great survey covering around 10,000 cyclists by the U.K’s top cycle to work providing firm revealed that cycling promotes healthy eating habits and as a result also curbs alcohol and tobacco consumption. 48 percent people revealed that they eat healthier after starting to cycle to work. 29 percent people said they took less alcohol, while 20 percent said that they smoked less.

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Reduces risk of heart diseases

Cycling has huge cardiovascular benefits. According to the British Medical Association, only 20 miles of cycling per week could decrease the risk of coronary heart disease by half.

Improves joints and muscle health

Cycling’s health benefits are really broad spectrum, and it potentially improves muscles and joints health. This low impact exercise with its stimulating motion helps the cartilage within the knee joints. Thus, cycling loosen up stiff joints, strengthens muscles and joints and improves joint pain. However, those with severe joint pains should take up cycling in a very gentle way.

Keeps you fit and lean

Cycling is great to burn calories and fight obesity. It burns calories fast, tones the legs and the lower body, while off-road or hilly roads cycling tones up the upper body as well.

Highest number of bicycles per capitaHighest number of bicycles per capita

Saves money

And if all the above is not enough for you, then cycling can also save you a lot of money. If you simply cycle to work, college, library or to your friend’s house, it will have you the money that you spend on fuel for these journeys. So, you travel without spending a buck.

Cycling is thus, a boon for mankind. And all its vast benefits come in an absolute nature friendly manner. Cycling means no gas, no pollution and a whole host of goodness!



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