5 Places to cycle near Bangalore

The garden city Bangalore still has more greenery than other metro cities along with wide and clean roads making it ideal for cycling. Moreover, the chilly winds that blow over this southern India city make it a wonderful place for some vigorous cycling activities for the fitness conscious lot. Cycling is being hailed as a great fitness and recreational activity, especially for its eco-friendly side, and more and more Indian cities are promoting cycling to reduce pollution and to improve lifestyle of the populace. Though it is still unsure whether Bangalore will get cycling lanes or not to make the city a heaven for the Indian cycling enthusiasts, the spirit of cycling in the city is definitely on the rise.

Nandi Hills Cycling

Cycling at Nandi Hills

Thus, if you are a cycling fanatic and simply love all the health, fitness and green benefits of cycling, then you would definitely wish to know some great cycling spots that are slightly away from the actual city of Bangalore, but are close enough for cycling trips on the weekend mornings. Bangalore is a busy IT city and is bogged down by horrible traffic that would surely not allow one to cycle around freely, but there are many beautiful trails pretty close by. The lush trees in full blossom and fresh breeze together make these trails wonderful which won’t make you feel the fatigue and would make you want to just paddle away for eternity.

Here are the top 5 cycling places close to Bangalore city that offer very rewarding cycling experience:

Manchinbele Dam

One needs to ride off the expansive Mysore road and go towards the well known big banyan tree that overlooks the sacred Savandurga to reach to the beautiful Manchinbele dam. In the route the ISRO satellite towers can also be spotted. This wonderful cycling trail offers a great cycling experience and a superb weekend.


Narayankere is a beautiful lake which is not very popular as a tourist spot which is why it makes a great peaceful cycling spot. Take the Sarjapur road to reach the temple at Chiktirupati and ride 2 kilometers to Narayankere, and you are sure to find other cyclists on the road too.


This is yet another treat for the eyes. Thattekere is close to the hilly Kanive Mahadeshwara temple on the road that leads to Bannerghatta National Park. This is another rather unknown lake and a cyclist’s favorite. The forest side stretch through Ragihall via Bannerghatta is a better route to Thattekere than the busy Kanakapura road. You might even spot some rare birds in Thattekere for a complete joyous experience.

Turahalli Forest Well

Turahalli is another great cycling spot off Kanakapura road. This very popular cycling trail can also be reached via Banashankari or Uttarahalli.

Nandi Hills

A very popular picnic spot, Nandi Hills is also the most famous cycling trails from Bangalore. The rough hilly road and the long cycling trail might not suit all, but is the best for the fervent cyclists.



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