10 Great Advices for the newbie cycling enthusiasts

Around the globe, people are getting conscious and more enthusiastic about the huge benefits of cycling. Be it for environmental reasons or for the health and lifestyle advantages, cycling is becoming a favorite activity for increasing number of people. However, for those who are just starting off as a cycling enthusiast and have no previous experience whatsoever, there are a lot of questions.

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Rather than learning things the hard way, it is always better to keep few points in mind and take advices from those who are more experienced. So, here are some valuable advices that the readers of a cycling journal offered for the newbie cyclists.

  1. Simply enjoy the rain and the sun on your bicycle, but don’t forget to invest is a good kit which keeps you comfortable. When you are well equipped and comfortable, the more you cycle it will just offer more joy to your amazement.
  2. Cycling is not just a sport or a fitness activity, it’s a lifestyle. Rather than staring at your pedals and trying to cycle harder, simply look around you and enjoy your company as well as the landscape, and you will cover more miles before you notice.
  3. Cycle for yourself and don’t go by other’s expectations. Ride where you are more comfortable or enjoy more, it could be the hilly roads or the plains. Simply choose that suits you the best to fall in love with cycling.
  4. It is always good to read the tips from the professionals and watch a lot of cycling races. Get professional advice if you consider professional training and eat as advised. Invest in a good bike and start building up your miles slowly and steadily. Also rest properly when exhausted and eat at 50 minutes interval when constantly riding.
  5. Always think that you are invisible to the others on the road. Always ride cautiously and defensively, keeping all your senses alert.
  6. Invest in the best bike you can afford. Also research well before buying a bike to choose the right quality bike that suits you the best. Don’t pick on cheap bikes to start off with or you will soon end up buying a second one.
  7. It is good to invest in the right riding gears, such as comfortable tees, vests, shorts and gloves. Also consider nice padded bike shorts that will keep your rear comfortable to offer a great joyous cycling experience.
  8. Simply keep on cycling as often and as much as you can and you will get faster and faster with time.
  9. Commit yourself to cycling, if you really wish to pick it for serious reasons. Cycling can be really addictive and highly rewarding. Once you get the hang of it, it can really become your lifelong friend that will only do you hugely good.
  10. Ensure that you bicycle is in top condition. Maintain your bike regularly to get the best performance out of it and to enjoy a hearty cycling session every time.



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