10 best locations in Bangalore to go for a bicycle ride

Cycling is a great way to stay fit and adventurous at the same time. A good bicycle ride deserves a great road and we are here to guide you through that. Listed below are 10 of the best places in Bangalore where you can enjoy riding without worrying about the roads.


Sangam (90km from Bangalore): A great view for the eyes as well, as the River Arkavathy merges with River Cauvery. You can drive from Kanakpura to reach this beautiful destination and take a ride following the river that takes you through a narrow path of granite rocks.

Nandi Hills (70km from Bangalore): A very well renowned tourist attraction and one of the favorite places of the people in Bangalore, it’s a perfect destination for a pleasurable cycling experience. Also known as Nandi Betta, it is typically famous amongst the Banglorians for enjoying a pleasant weather.

Coorg (280km from Bangalore): Blessed with wonderful weather as well as beautiful landscapes, Coorg is the perfect location if you plan to hit the road. As you drive your way towards this place you will be accompanied by sugarcane and paddy fields on the sides of the road.

Sakleshpur (260km from Bangalore): Along with cycling, you will be able to enjoy hidden tunnels, bridges, waterfalls and amazing mountains as you ride through Sakleshpur. The greenery around the paths makes one feel peaceful and calm.

Mysore (140km from Bangalore): It is needless to describe the charm and attraction of this place. It is one of the best cities in Bangalore. Very well promoted and historically rich, Mysore can be enjoyed by taking a bicycle ride through the city.

Kunti Betta Trek (130km from Bangalore): The serene environment of this place can be best enjoyed by riding across. It is believed that Pandavas and Kunti stayed here during their period of exile and the place has a great mythological significance.

Savandurga (49km from Bangalore): Located a couple of hours away from Bangalore, Savandurga can be best enjoyed during the evening as the sun begins to set. It’s a hilly region with a lot of greenery around the roads.

Ramanagara (49km from Bangalore): A place where the highly popular bollywood movie Sholay had been filmed. Although it is mainly know for its trekking spots, cycling can also be equally enjoyed here.

Hogenakkal (180km from Bangalore): It’s a great option for a bicycle journey as the place cannot be accessed through any local or public transport. The climate over here is a bit smoky and it has rock solid roads that let you slip into an amazing ride.

Bandipur (235km from Bangalore): Heart wrenching wildlife sanctuaries and ecstatic climate are the specialties of this amazing location.

So with this list in hand it’s time for all the riders to hit the roads of Bangalore and explore some of the city’s lovely destinations that will no doubt take you on a memorable journey.

Image Source: hunt