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mp transport registration search

MP transport registration search

Helpful eSewa effectively deters citizens from getting cheated into buying stolen vehicles in Madhya Pradesh.

Modern India is much more efficient and developing fast to keep pace with the developed countries of the world. Extensive digitization and smart software’s are thus also an integral part of the modern Indian government. The government of India is surely steadily taking the advantage of digital intelligence to effectively offer better service to the public. One such endeavor is the eSewa.

The eSewa service is offered by the Madhya Pradesh state government in order to offer more effective information to the car owners and second hand car buyers of the state. The M.P. State government is increasingly utilizing the advantages of Information Technology to offer effective citizen centric services, and the eSewa is a superior example of the state’s E-Governance efforts.

The Madhya Pradesh Transport Department’s eSewa is a certainly a very service to ensure law and order in the sate when the automobiles are concerned. The M.P government has made the records of all the vehicles in the state accessible online and also through convenient SMS for the easy reference and benefit of the public. This in turn also helps in enhanced management of the state’s Transport as well as Police Department.

It is not a new thing that used or second hand car dealers sell stolen cars to unsuspecting customers with fake registration papers. Some fraudulent dealers also often cheat the consumers of used cars with fake manufacturing year in order to sell the vehicle in higher price.

The Madhya Pradesh government’s e-Sewa comes to help here. The internet and SMS based E-Sewa offers authentic record about the ownership and manufacturing year of vehicles with the easy access.

he prospective buyer of a used car simply needs to go to the site - and enter anyone of the vehicle’s details, such as its registration number, engine number or chassis number and submit to get all the authentic details. The users can also clarify doubts by calling the M.P transport departments call center at 0751-2621926

e-Sewa thus helps protect the citizens from falsification and purchasing stolen cars.

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