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fast track watches price list india

Titan Industries is one of the world's largest wrist watch manufacturers and in India it is leading the industry using its various brands like Titan, Fastrack, Sonata, Nebula, Octane and Xylys etc. Fastrack or popularly caleld as Fast Track watches are famous among the youth because it has great innovation in its designing and its style. The whole approach to these watches is done in a way to attract the younger generation.

Fast Track makes watches for both Men and Women and are mainly for the age 18 to 30 years. Woman's watches are available in 20 separate models and are very affordable with new watch price list between the range of Rs 1400 and Rs2250.

For men, the fast track watches come in a variety of geometrical patterns and in different colors. For a regular usages, it has a strong and sturdy material which gives them longevity. These watches have inbuilt analog compass and a Velcro strap that is easily washable. It has a filling of luminescent ink which make possible to see the dial even in the dark. Fast track watches comes in funky looks and has a wide range of models and  its price ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 4,000.

Some of showrooms in Delhi are World of Titan, Rajouri Garden; The Cocoon Watches, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon; Luxury Times, Rajendra Place. For more info on these watches, visit


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